Are you a beginner at badminton? Do you want to take your game to the next level? Don’t worry; there are plenty of badminton drills and exercises out there that can help.

With practice, you can master each of these drills and become a better player in no time. Read on for some great badminton exercises that will make you the envy of all your opponents!

1. The Forehand Drill

This drill helps players develop their forehand power. To do this wall rally drill, stand opposite a wall and hit the shuttlecock against it using only your forehand.

Alternate between slow and fast shots as well as high and low shots. This helps build muscle memory so that when it’s time to play an actual game, you’ll be able to use your forehand properly without thinking about it too much.

Another forehand drill is the perfect exercise to help you build your net shots! This net shot drill consists of taking a net shot from the same position twice in a row.

On the first net shot, you take a high shuttle, and on your second net shot, hit a low drop shot. This simple routine will have you improving your accuracy and speed faster than ever before. Plus, it's great for building coordination between your feet and arm movements to ensure that every actual net shot is perfectly placed!

2. The Serve Drill

A good serve is essential in badminton; if you can ace this part of the game, you have a better chance of winning points quickly.

To practice serving, practice hitting shuttles into boxes placed at various angles on the court. Start by hitting shuttles into boxes near the net before advancing to backcourt boxes with more challenging angles.

Once you feel comfortable with this drill, try adding spin or varying heights so that your serve is not predictable during games.

3. The Double Shot Drill

This drill involves hitting two consecutive shots from one side of the court to another without missing or losing control of the shuttlecock between them.

It’s important to focus on speed as well as accuracy since this drill helps build both skills simultaneously.

Try alternating between different types of shots such as overhead smashes and underarm drops; this will challenge your reflexes and help improve coordination while playing badminton!

4. The Footwork Drill

The footwork drill is a great way to up your game. It only uses half the court - so only half the surface - meaning you can practice by yourself. This is a great way to increase speed and agility without needing a partner.

Good footwork is key when playing any sport, but especially when playing badminton where quick changes in direction can mean the difference between winning or losing a point!

To practice footwork, set up cones in various places around the court and then move around them quickly in circles or zig zags while trying not to lose control of your racquet head position or balance throughout each movement. As you get better at it, increase your speed until you are zipping across the court!

5. The Reaction Drill

The Reaction Drill is sure to help get your skills in shape; this half-court singles drill focuses on reacting quickly to incoming shots and developing accuracy. Reaction drills help sharpen reflexes which is essential for any athlete looking for an edge over their opponents during the competition!

In this drill, stand opposite a partner who will toss shuttlecocks towards you while calling out either “forehand” or “backhand” at random intervals - then react accordingly by hitting either a forehand shot or backhand shot depending on what they called out!

This exercise will hone your reaction time and give you more confidence when playing against an opponent because they won't be able to predict which shot type you'll hit next!

Shadow badminton is also an excellent way for beginners to sharpen their techniques, as well as learn how the sport works.


Improving your badminton game takes dedication and practice—but having fun doesn't hurt either!

These five drills are designed to help beginners take their game up a notch without breaking too much of a sweat (or their budget).

Focusing on small goals with your badminton drill and not just looking at the big picture will do wonders for sharpening your badminton game mentally—one point at a time!

Don't be afraid to keep playing the same drill over multiple sessions; each workout should get you closer and closer to mastering it by honing its fundamentals.

Playing games around the court is an excellent way to improve your agility and hand-eye coordination. You can also set up practice rallies in full-court or half-court playing.

So go ahead and give these exercises a try today—you'll be surprised how much better your performance will become after just one session!

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