Are you a beginner at lacrosse? If so, don't worry! You can get the hang of the game quickly and easily with some simple drills. There are many simple, fun drills that players of any level can use.

From relays where players line up and pass to each other along the field, to circle drills that teach players how to maintain control over their sticks, you'll find something that works for you.

These drills are also incredibly effective in improving players' hand-eye coordination and agility. Here are 10 lacrosse drills for beginners that are both fun and effective to help you learn the game.

1. Wall Passes

If you are a lacrosse player who's just starting out, wall ball drills are an essential part of your lacrosse know-how. This drill is great for practicing passing and catching skills.

Have two players stand about 10 feet away from each other facing a wall. They should pass the ball back and forth to each other, catching it against the wall each time.

The goal of this drill is to make sure that each pass is accurate and timely. Increase the distance between the two players as they become more comfortable with their skills!

From players shooting at a rebounder or simply learning how to pass accurately with the lacrosse stick, wall passes offer an easy and effective way to practice and improve lacrosse skills.

Not only is it fun to perfect your lacrosse basics, but getting comfortable with wall drills can quickly give you an edge in more advanced lacrosse tactics down the line.

2. Cone Dribbles

Young lacrosse players can quickly build their athleticism and skill with basic lacrosse drills, like cone dribbles! Dribbling is one of the most important lacrosse skills to learn, so this drill can be really helpful!

Place cones in a line about 5-7 feet apart, then have your player dribble around them in any direction. As they become more comfortable with their dribbling ability, increase or decrease the number of cones accordingly!

3. Passing Relay

To practice passing speed and accuracy without having to use a wall or another player, try this drill! Set up four cones in a square formation with two players standing at opposite corners of the square.

Have them take turns throwing passes between themselves until they reach their original corner again. Time how long it takes them to reach their starting point; keep track of your fastest time for bragging rights later on!

4. Shooting Practice

Once a player gets comfortable with passes and dribbles, it's time to practice shooting! Whether you're looking to improve your aim, score more goals, or just get better at lacrosse, shooting drills should be one of your favorite lacrosse drills.

Set up goals or buckets at either end of your playing area and have your player practice shooting from different distances as well as angles (i.e., shooting from the left or right side).

Beginner players need to practice accuracy and ball control to make sure they're sending a ball straight and true. Be sure to keep an eye out for correct posture when shooting—this will ensure accuracy and power when playing an actual game later on!

5. Defensive Rebounding

Lacrosse players know that defensive rebounds are key to success as they help prevent goals from the opposite side. This drill helps practice defensive rebounding (which involves blocking shots coming from opposing teams).

Line up two rows of three players each at opposite ends of your playing area; one row should be designated as “attackers” while another row should be designated as “defenders” (the attackers will attempt to shoot while defenders will attempt to block).

When a shot is made by an attacker, defenders must race toward it before attackers can pick it up again—the first team who retrieves the ball wins that round!

6. Ground Ball Pick-ups

Ground balls are essential in lacrosse games since possession of the ball changes quickly between teams during playtime; this means that being able to scoop ground balls quickly and accurately is key!

To practice this skill, place five ground balls within a large circle (about 6-8 feet across) then have one player enter the center area—they must pick up all five ground balls within 30 seconds before exiting out again in order to win that round!

7. Agility Drills

For agility drills in lacrosse, there are plenty of ways you can go about practicing them! Try running laps around your field while carrying a ball above your head; alternatively, try performing lateral shuffles by jumping back and forth over lines drawn on the ground (like hopscotch!).

You can also incorporate agility drills into any existing drills mentioned above such as cone dribbles or passing relays—just add extra steps like jumps or sprints after certain moves/passes in order to increase the difficulty level as well as agility training potential!

8. Circle Drill

This classic lacrosse drill helps improve reaction times while also teaching players how to maintain control over their sticks during movements like dodging opponents or stick checks (when someone attempts to knock an opponent’s stick away).

Draw a large circle on the ground using chalk then have three players stand inside facing outwards—they must rotate clockwise while keeping their sticks close together so no one else can enter through gaps created by open sticks; if someone does manage to enter then those inside must start again from zero points until all three circles have been completed without interruption by outside forces!.

9. Three vs Three Drill

This drill is great for learning basic offensive/defensive strategies while also improving communication skills between teammates during gameplay.

It's an easy, fun, and effective way to introduce defensive players to the game while helping offensive players build teamwork.

Divide players into two teams (three per side) then give one team possession; they must move downfield whilst attempting shots on goal whilst defending team tries stopping them using legal body checks/sticks etcetera—the first team who manages 3 consecutive successful shots wins that round!

This lacrosse drill is excellent for helping beginners gain some basic lacrosse skills, including passing and trapping, catching and checking.

10. Goalie Practice

Last but not least let’s not forget about our loyal goalie friends out there who deserve some special attention too.

Goalie practice is essential to successful lacrosse-playing, and there are some fun and effective drills players can use to ensure they're doing it right. For example, players can line up at one end of the field and shoot balls toward the goal, with the goalie practicing blocking them using their feet, hands, and stick.

This drill teaches players to move their feet quickly and precisely to block shots as well as other crucial goalie techniques for keeping the net secure.

There are plenty more specific goalie drills available online so look around if interested!


With drill variations to accommodate all skill levels, these 10 fun and effective lacrosse drills can help beginners develop their skills and confidence. No matter what drill you choose, having a passion for the sport of lacrosse is the best way to ensure success on the field this season.

Lacrosse is an exciting sport filled with lots of action – but it takes practice before you can become proficient enough in its rules/strategies for competitive playtime against other people/teams successfully.

Take some time now to practice your stick skills with these 10 fun and effective lacrosse drills and you'll see amazing results in no time! So get out there, have some fun, and get ready to play!

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