Have you recently discovered the exciting world of ultimate frisbee? Or have you been playing for years but are looking for some new drills to get better? This blog post is for you!

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or already have some experience, mastering the following six ultimate frisbee drills will help you become an expert in no time. Read on to find out more!

Drill #1: The Wall Drill

This drill is great for beginners because it helps teach basic throwing skills while also honing your ability to catch and throw quickly. To do this drill, start by forming two lines facing each other about 10-15 feet apart.

One person should stand at one end of the line and toss a disc to the person standing at the opposite end, who should then quickly catch the disc and throw it back without stopping. This should be repeated back and forth until everyone in both lines has had a chance to practice their throws and catches.

If done correctly, this drill can really help improve your accuracy and throwing speed.

Drill #2: The Wing Drill

This drill is perfect for practicing quick passes with partners. It involves two cones and two players standing side by side about 10-15 feet apart from each other, with one player acting as the “wing” (player A) and one acting as the “center” (player B).

Player A then throws a disc toward player B, who should quickly catch it before passing it back to player A with equal speed. This drill should be repeated several times until both players are comfortable with their accuracy and speed when passing between them.

Drill #3: Marking Drill

Marking drills are great for improving your defensive skills by helping you become comfortable with marking opponents without fouling them or giving up easy throws.

To do this drill, start by having two lines of players facing each other around 15 feet apart from each other. One line should have a disc while the other has none; these other players will act as markers while those in the line holding discs act as throwers.

Each marker should then attempt to defend their designated thrower without committing any fouls or giving up any easy throws; meanwhile, each thrower should try to complete passes without being defended too closely or blocked by their marker.

Once both sides have had a chance to practice their respective roles, switch them around so that everyone gets a chance to practice both throwing and defending against an opponent.

Drill #4: Pivot Drill

The pivot drill is great for teaching proper footwork when catching or throwing a disc—a necessary skill if you want to excel at ultimate frisbee!

To do this drill, start by having two players standing side by side about 10-15 feet apart from each other with one player holding a disc in his/her hand (the pivot). The non-pivot player then takes three steps backward before pivoting on their back foot (i.e., turning 180 degrees) so that they are now facing away from the pivot player.

The pivot then throws the disc towards their partner, who must quickly turn towards them in order to catch it before returning it with equal speed and accuracy—all while maintaining proper footwork throughout!

Drill #5: Box Drill

The Box Drill is one of the most important Ultimate Frisbee drills for beginners to master. This drill encourages proper spacing of players, communication, and quick passing.

To begin the drill have 5-7 players form a box shape in approximately 25 feet X 30 feet area with each player being about 10-15 feet away from their nearest teammate. One player at a time will start in the middle and throw a pass to one of the four corner players attempting to hit them in stride and move away from that player as soon as they release it.

The corner receiver should then quickly pass back to whoever threw them the disc while running towards an open spot in between two other receivers (the same partner they received from can’t be used twice).

After three successful passes, rotating clockwise around the box pattern starts over again until every participant has been given three turns at throwing/catching before moving on or starting up another round with different passers or catches.

This drill is particularly useful for team building since all five members must work together on positioning themselves so that everyone else has open throwing lanes while maintaining efficient spacing across all lines.

Drill #6: Scrimmage Drill

This last drill is somewhat similar to regular gameplay except that teams are split into groups of four instead of two—making it ideal for larger groups of players who want more realistic game-like scenarios when practicing together!

To do this drill, split all participating players into four even teams which will compete against each other in mini-scrimmages lasting approximately ten minutes each; these mini-games can include anything from simple pass-and-catch drills all the way up to full-on gameplay depending on your level of experience and skill level!

Whichever team scores more points within that time frame wins; after ten minutes have passed switch teams so that everyone gets an opportunity to play against different opponents!


Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting sport that requires skill, agility, coordination—and most importantly—practice if you want to master it!

These six essential ultimate frisbee drills provide beginners with everything they need in order to get better fast while also having fun doing it!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and get ready for some serious ultimate frisbee action today!

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