Are you a pickleball enthusiast looking for the right shoes for the game? Do you wonder if volleyball shoes are good enough for pickleball?

Well, you're not alone. It's no secret that comfortable and supportive shoes are essential for any sport, and pickleball is no exception. In this blog, we'll dive into the differences between pickleball and volleyball and help you determine whether volleyball shoes are a good fit for the game.

What are the differences between pickleball and volleyball?

Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using volleyball shoes for pickleball, let's first understand the differences between both sports. While volleyball is played indoors, pickleball is primarily an outdoor game.

The size of the playing area, the type of ball used, and the equipment required for both games are also different. While volleyball is played on a 30 feet long and 30 feet wide court, pickleball is played on a smaller area, which is about a third of the size of a volleyball court.

Pickleball courts are usually made up of a flat, hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, whereas volleyball courts are typically made up of wood or synthetic material. The net for pickleball is also lower than a volleyball court, with the net being placed 34 inches high near the center and 36 inches high near the ends. In

Both games require a lot of lateral movements. However, while volleyball is a jumping-heavy game that involves the upper body, pickleball is a lower-body-focused game that requires quick movements and pivots. Therefore, the shoe requirements needed for each sport vary.

Can you use volleyball shoes for pickleball?

The answer is yes. You can use volleyball shoes for pickleball. Volleyball shoes provide excellent stability and support, making them a comfortable option for those with narrow feet.

However, they may lack the necessary cushioning and flexibility needed for pickleball's agility demands. It's important to note that while volleyball shoes can be used for pickleball, it's not ideal.

Pickleball shoes have a low profile, wider toe box, and better grip on the sole. Volleyball shoes have a higher profile and do not provide as much lateral support as pickleball shoes.

When comparing the surfaces of pickleball and volleyball courts, it's worth noting that pickleball courts are very similar to tennis courts in terms of the hard surface they use. While a volleyball court typically requires more cushioning than a tennis court, a pickleball court does not require as much padding; this is because of the lower net.

If you already own volleyball shoes, you can use them for playing pickleball. However, if you plan to play pickleball regularly, it's better to invest in proper Pickleball shoes.

Using volleyball shoes for pickleball - Pros and Cons


- Volleyball shoes offer excellent stability and support, which is great for those with narrow feet.

- Volleyball shoes have an excellent grip, which allows players to move quickly while playing pickleball.

- Volleyball shoes are designed for indoor courts, which makes them lightweight and very breathable.

- Volleyball shoes tend to be less expensive than pickleball shoes.


- Volleyball shoes lack the necessary cushioning and flexibility needed for pickleball's movement demands.

- They may not provide enough shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable during prolonged games.

- Volleyball shoes do not provide ample lateral support, which increases the chances of ankle sprains and injuries.

- Volleyball shoes may cause discomfort when playing on hard indoor surfaces.

- Volleyball shoes are not designed for outdoor courts, which makes them less durable than pickleball shoes.

- A volleyball shoe is not designed specifically for pickleball players, whereas a pickleball shoe provides targeted protection and comfort to the feet. Pickleball shoes are specially crafted to provide maximum agility, cushioning, and traction needed for the fast-paced pickleball game.


In conclusion, volleyball shoes can be used for playing pickleball but are not as ideal as pickleball shoes. Volleyball and pickleball are two different sports and require different types of shoes due to their different court surfaces, playing styles, and equipment requirements.

Volleyball shoes can be a good option if you are a recreational pickleball player, but if you plan to play regularly and more competitively, it's highly recommended to invest in proper pair of Pickleball shoes.  Pickleball shoes offer more cushioning, flexibility, and durability in comparison to volleyball shoes.

The right shoes will help you move faster, protect you from injuries and improve your overall performance on the court. So, before hitting the court, make sure to have the proper footwear - it will make all the difference! Happy playing!

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