Are you a disc golf beginner, ready to get out and hit the course? Then you’ve come to the right place!

But before you head out, there are some essential terms that you should know. To make life easier for new disc golfers, we've come up with a list of the top 40 disc golf terms that every beginner should master.

With this handy glossary of disc golf know-how firmly in hand, disc newcomers will be confidently hucking their way around the course with the best of 'em before they know it!


A hole-in-one on a disc golf course.


Achieving an albatross (double eagle) in disc golf is the ultimate feat of skill - completing a hole three strokes under par! Despite its rarity, professional disc golfers strive to achieve this impressive feat in their games.


When a disc is thrown with an outward curve rather than a straight or inward one.

Approach Shot

The shot taken from the fairway onto the green leading up to the basket where the putt will be made.

Away Player

The player who is farthest away from the target in each round of play (alternates with each hole).


A score of one stroke under par on any given hole.


The metal disc golf basket holds the discs at the end of each hole and catches them when they are thrown into it.

Bounce Out

A bounce out as it's known in disc golf, is when a disc hits the chains or pole in the center of the basket with enough force that it bounces outward instead of falling into the basket.

Bullet Putt

A bullet putt is a putt that travels over long distances without losing momentum as it goes along.

Casual Water

Any temporary accumulation of water that is not part of a water hazard but still affects play (e.g., puddles).


The playing surface area where players play their game; usually consists of 18 holes on which players make their way through by throwing discs at baskets in order to reach the end goal which is often referred to as par or birdie depending on how many strokes it takes them to complete each hole.

The professional disc golf association (PDGA) defines a course as an designed, constructed, and maintained area in which players can throw discs at targets according to established rules.


A specialized frisbee used for playing disc golf, available in different sizes, shapes, and weights depending on what type of throw (putts, drives) it will be used for and what type of terrain it will be used on (open field/long distance throws vs wooded/short distance throws).

Disc Golf

A sport similar to traditional golf in which players use specially designed frisbees (discs) instead of balls and clubs in order to make their way through 18 holes by throwing their disc golf discs at baskets in order to reach par or birdie scores at each hole.


A score of two strokes under par on any given hole; also known as an “eagle” depending on how many strokes it takes them to complete each hole.


The first throw taken off from the tee box; typically requires long-distance throws with maximum power and accuracy in order for a player to reach the target with a minimal number of strokes.

Distance Driver (Driver)

The largest type of disc used for long-distance throws, especially off tee boxes.


Same as deuce; score two strokes under par.


The area between the tee box and the green.

Fairway Driver

Mid-sized disc used for mid-distance shots.

Flex Shot

The flex shot is a popular and reliable way to navigate tricky terrain. By releasing an overstable disc with a gentle anhyzer angle down the left side of the fairway, disc golfers use gravity and disc stability to their advantage, resulting in the disc traveling from left to right before ‘flexing back’ towards the left at its end point.


Type of throw achieved by swinging arm across body roughly parallel with ground.


A call made by one player warning other players that they may be hit by a flying disc.


The area closest to the basket.


The grip is often seen as one of the most important pillars when disc golfing. The technique used to grip the disc has a massive impact on the results of each throw, so it's essential that you get your technique right.

Different disc grips not only make a disc fly differently but also provide different tactical advantages depending on how they're used.


Any feature such as water bodies, sand bunkers, trees, etc., would increase the difficulty level if the disc lands within its vicinity.


Opposite of Anhyzer; when a disc is thrown with an inward curve rather than straight or outward.


The position where the disc lies after being thrown.

Marker disc

A disc golf mini marker disc is an essential tool for any disc golfer because it helps them to plan their next shot with precision. By “marking” the spot from which they threw, players can easily identify where to stand when taking their follow-up throw.


Smaller size driver used for mid-distance shots.


Front edge/tip of Disc.


Type of throw achieved by bringing the arm up above head.


An overstable disc is a disc whose flight path curves more sharply than average.


The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is responsible for regulating disc golf tournaments across the world. It sets forth technical standards that must be observed for disc golf competitions, as well as disc golf-related rules and regulations that must be followed by disc golf players.


A short shot aimed at the basket. Professional disc golfers typically employ different putting styles, such as turbo putt or jump putt, to optimize their accuracy.


Smallest size driver used for short-distance shots.


Taking a free stance away from hazards.


Card containing information about each individual player's scores.


Any type of throw made during the game.


Discs whose flight path remains fairly straight.

Tee Box

Starting point from which all drives must be taken.


An understable disc is a disc whose flight paths curve less sharply than average.


With these 40 essential terms under your belt, you can now confidently hit the links!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing disc golf for years, understanding these words can help improve your game and give you an advantage over your competition the next time you hit the course!

So go out there and ace those pars like a pro! Good luck!

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