Disc golf may seem like a difficult and complicated game, but it is actually a fun and easy sport to learn. It is a great way to get out in nature, enjoy some fresh air, and burn some calories.

But if you're just starting out or have never played disc golf before, it can be intimidating. Whether you're looking to compete or just get outside and toss a disc around with friends, these 10 tips for beginners will help you enjoy the game more and improve your skills.

1. Start with the right equipment

Before you head out to the course, make sure you've got the right gear. You'll need at least one disc and a bag to carry them in. As a beginner, stick to a lightweight putter or mid-range disc. Avoid heavy drivers until you've had some practice.

Most disc golf discs are designed for specific shots and have different flight paths and levels of stability. However, beginners should look for discs with a beginner-friendly rating, which will make them easier to throw accurately and control. These discs tend to have a lower speed, glide, and fade, which makes them perfect for people who are new to the sport.

Innova and Dynamic Discs are two popular brands that offer a wide range of beginner-friendly discs, so do your research before buying your first set.

A starter set is a great investment for beginners as it provides a variety of discs to try. Often, these sets include a putter, a mid-range, and a driver, all with beginner-friendly ratings. In addition, a disc golf bag makes it easier to transport equipment on the course.

By starting with the right equipment, you'll set yourself up for success and enjoy the game of disc golf even more. So, do your research and choose a beginner set that suits your needs and abilities.

2. Learn the rules

While disc golf is not as formal as traditional golf, it does have rules. Familiarizing yourself with the rules of the game can help you play better and avoid penalties.

Some common rules include always throwing from behind the marker disc, taking turns with other players, and staying quiet while others are throwing. You can find a full list of disc golf rules online or at the park where you play.

3. Practice your grip

If you've just started playing disc golf, getting your grip right is one of the most important things you can do to improve your game. Disc golf requires a different grip than traditional frisbee throwing.

Find a comfortable grip that allows you to control the flight of the disc and release it smoothly. One of the most common grips is the power grip, which involves placing your index and middle finger on the rim of the disc and bracing it with your thumb on the flight plate. Try different grips and see what feels most natural for you.

When practicing your grip, keep in mind that you want to hold the disc firmly but not too tightly. A grip that is too tight can cause the disc to wobble or fly off course, while a grip that is too loose can result in a weak throw.

Experiment with different grip styles, like the fan grip or the stacked grip, and see which one feels most comfortable and effective. You can also try adjusting your grip for different shots, like using a power grip for longer throws and a fan grip for short, controlled shots.

4. Learn to throw different shots

Disc golf is not just about throwing a straight shot as far as you can. A skilled player needs to be able to throw hyzers (curving to the left), anhyzers (curving to the right), and straight shots. Experiment with different release angles, throw heights, and wrist snap to achieve the desired flight path. Don't be afraid to ask more experienced players for tips or watch tutorial videos online.

To become a skilled disc golfer, it's crucial to master different shots that can be achieved with different types of discs. While a putter is generally used for shorter, more controlled shots, a mid-range disc can be used for a more significant distance but with less accuracy. On the other hand, distance drivers are designed for maximum distance but can be tricky to control.

Successful disc golfers have mastered how to adjust their grip, release angle, and power to achieve the desired flight path. For example, a more substantial wrist snap can add extra spin to the disc, causing it to travel farther. As you experiment with different shots, you'll discover which ones work best for your playing style.

5. Master the art of putting

Putting is where the game is won or lost. Practice this skill by setting up a target in your yard or local park and tossing your disc at it from different distances. Focus on your form, concentration, and consistency. Try to stick to a routine, like taking a deep breath before each putt, to help calm your nerves and improve your accuracy.

Mastering the art of putting is a key aspect of success in disc golf, and professional disc golfers take this skill very seriously. They practice for hours on end to develop a consistent, reliable putting technique that can help them shave strokes off their score.

Professional disc golfer also understands the importance of visualizing their shot before they take it. This means picturing the flight path of the disc in their mind's eye and then executing their shot confidently and decisively. By envisioning a successful putt beforehand, players can often boost their confidence and improve their accuracy.

With enough practice and dedication, even beginner disc golfers can become skilled putters and make significant improvements to their overall game.

6. Play with others

Disc golf is a social sport. Playing with others can help you learn new techniques, gain confidence, and stay motivated to improve. Join a local club, attend events, or reach out to other players on social media. Don't be intimidated by more advanced players. They were once beginners too, and most are happy to offer advice and encouragement.

One of the best ways to learn a sport is by playing with experienced players. During the game, experienced players can give you tips on how to throw the disc, improve your stance, or even help you select a better disc for specific shots. Playing with experienced disc golfers is also an opportunity to observe their technique, which can be very helpful in improving your own.

7. Play a Short Course

Generally, longer courses are more challenging and require more skill. As a beginner, playing on a shorter course is more practical and enjoyable. Short courses can be found in local parks and are typically between 9-12 holes. Playing a short course will give you a chance to get comfortable with the game and also enjoy a full game without getting tired or frustrated.

Most disc golf courses are designed to cater to players of all levels, and beginner-friendly courses have shorter lengths, fewer obstacles, and more straightforward holes. These courses are perfect for novice players and children who are just starting to play. Experienced players also love to play on short courses, as it provides them with opportunities to work on their accuracy and putting skills.

Playing on a short disc golf course is an excellent way to learn the game, build your skills, and develop your passion. With the right mindset and enough practice, you'll be ready to tackle longer courses in no time.

8. Be respectful of the course and other players

Disc golf is typically played in public parks or designated courses. Be mindful of others using the area and follow any course rules posted. Don't litter, damage trees or landscaping, or disrupt wildlife. If you encounter other players on the course, wait for them to finish their shot before you proceed. And always offer friendly encouragement and praise to your fellow players.

When you play disc golf, it's essential to respect the course and other players. You'll enjoy the game more if you show consideration, mindfulness, and responsibility. Keep in mind that disc golf courses are designed to provide players with a challenging and exciting experience in a natural environment. That's why it's vital to avoid disturbing wildlife, damaging trees or other vegetation, or leaving litter behind.

Remember that you're not the only one playing on the course. Other disc golfers are there to have fun and challenge themselves, just like you. That's why it's essential to be respectful of their time and space. If you encounter other players on the course, wait for them to finish their shot before you proceed. Always offer friendly encouragement and praise to your fellow players, even if they're not as experienced as you are.

9. Keep score

It's important to keep track of your progress and score while you play. This will help you to gauge your improvement and see where you need to focus your efforts. It can also create a sense of competition, which adds to the fun.

Keeping score is an important aspect of playing disc golf. Not only does it help you track your progress and see where you need to improve, but it also adds an element of competition to the game. To keep score, you'll need a few things: a scorecard, a pencil, and your disc golf bag.

Most disc golf courses have scorecards available at the start, but you can also print them out or use a scorecard app on your phone. Once you have your scorecard and pencil, you're ready to start keeping score.

For each hole, write down the number of throws it takes you to get the disc into the basket. If you get it in on your first throw, that's a hole-in-one, and you should circle the number "1" on your scorecard. If it takes you more throws, write down the number you took and move on to the next hole.

At the end of the game, add up your total number of throws. This is your overall score for the round. You can compare your score to your previous rounds or to other players on the course.

10. Have fun

The most important thing about disc golf is to have fun! Don't get too caught up in winning or perfection. Remember to enjoy the experience of being outdoors, spending time with friends, and learning something new.

Disc golf can be a frustrating game, especially when you're just starting out. But try not to get too discouraged by missed shots or difficult holes. Keep a positive attitude and remember that practice makes perfect. With each round, you'll get better and better. Laugh off your mistakes, appreciate your successes, and keep coming back to the course.


Disc golf is an addictive and enjoyable sport that anyone can play. With these tips for beginners, you'll be well on your way to mastering the basics and discovering your own disc golf style.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced disc golfer, always remember to respect the course and other players. Show consideration, mindfulness, and responsibility when playing on the disc golf course - don’t damage trees or vegetation, disrupt wildlife or leave litter behind.

Be courteous towards your fellow players by waiting for them to finish their shot before proceeding with yours. Above all else, enjoy yourself as you play disc golf!

Remember, it's not just about the scorecard, but also about the journey. Stick with it, have patience, and have fun!

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