Playing volleyball can be fun and exciting, but it also requires you to have the right gear. As a beginner in the world of volleyball, you might have noticed many professional players wearing arm sleeves.

Arm sleeves are snug-fitting accessories made of breathable material that players wear on their arms during games or practice. They not only make a fashion statement but also help improve performance.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about volleyball arm sleeves, their benefits, and whether they are worth the investment.

What are volleyball arm sleeves?

Volleyball arm sleeves are accessories made from breathable materials that athletes wear on their arms. The sleeves are designed to cover individual arms or pairs of arms, depending on the player's preference.

They range in length and can cover the arm from the wrist all the way to the upper arm. The most common materials used to produce these sleeves are spandex, polyester, and nylon. Some manufacturers incorporate antimicrobial fabric for hygiene purposes.

A significant feature of arm sleeves is that they are tailored to fit snugly on the arm.

Why do you need arm sleeves for volleyball?

There are several reasons why players wear arm sleeves when playing volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that involves a lot of repetitive arm movements like setting. These movements can put a lot of stress on your arms, leading to muscle fatigue, soreness, and even injury.

Volleyball arm sleeves help prevent such injuries by providing compression to the muscles and reducing muscle oscillation, which decreases muscle fatigue and soreness. They decrease the risk of scratches, scrapes, and bruises caused by abrasive surfaces such as the floor.

The moisture-wicking technology used in these sleeves helps players stay dry and cool during matches. Wearing arm sleeves promotes muscle recovery and reduces soreness after a game.

Are volleyball arm sleeves worth it?

Volleyball arm sleeves are definitely worth it. They have several benefits that make them an essential item for volleyball players.

They not only protect your arms from injuries and reduce muscle soreness but also help improve blood flow and circulation. This improved blood flow helps deliver oxygen to your muscles, improving your performance on the court.

Apart from protecting the arms during play, they also promote muscle recovery, temperature regulation, and help keep the body dry amid sweat. They're fashionable, too, and come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. Arm sleeves are relatively affordable, with prices varying depending on the brand and quality.

What is the difference between arm sleeves and long shirts?

Many people confuse volleyball arm sleeves with long sleeve shirts. While both offer coverage for the arms, they're different. Arm sleeves are tight-fitting, similar to compression textiles. They cover the arms from the wrist up to the upper arm and come in pairs.

A long sleeve shirt, on the other hand, is a traditional shirt with long sleeves. They can be baggy or tight-fitting but don’t necessarily contain the unique features provided by arm sleeves. Arm sleeves are specifically designed for athletes who need support and protection for their arms, while long shirts are more for coverage and style.

Are arm sleeves or elbow pads better for volleyball?

Arm sleeves and elbow pads serve different purposes, so it’s not a matter of which one is better. Elbow pads provide extra protection to your elbows from injury, while arm sleeves provide support and compression to your entire arm.

Arm sleeves also help prevent bruises and scrapes from abrasive surfaces. If a player does not dive or fall often during matches, arm sleeves are ideal. However, if a player does dive often, protective elbow pads may be necessary.

If you’re prone to elbow injuries, elbow pads might be a good investment. However, if you want more overall protection and support, arm sleeves are the right choice.

Are arm sleeves necessary?

While arm sleeves are a valuable accessory to have during volleyball games, they aren't a necessity. You can play volleyball without wearing them, and many players do.

If you’re a beginner or casual player, you may not need them, but they’re certainly a worthy investment for frequent players. However, if you’re serious about the sport and want to prevent injuries and improve your performance, arm sleeves are a necessary investment.

Arm sleeves promote muscle recovery, protect arms, and regulate temperatures. They provide excellent support and even comfort during long matches. They’re also fashionable and come in an array of styles and colors, making them a valuable addition to any athlete's wardrobe.

Do arm sleeves improve performance?

Arm sleeves can undoubtedly improve performance. They regulate body temperature, promote muscle recovery, and help maintain lower levels of fatigue and soreness throughout games.

Arm sleeves can also improve your performance by improving blood circulation. This increased blood flow helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, improving their overall function.

The snug-fitting apparel creates a soothing sensation on the skin, nipping away the likelihood of chafing while moisture-wicking properties keep athletes dry. By reducing injuries and preventing fatigue, arm sleeves enhance the athlete's confidence and focus.

Additionally, arm sleeves improve proprioception, which is a sense of where your body is in space. Improved proprioception helps you better control your arm movements and perform better on the court.


Wearing volleyball arm sleeves provides numerous benefits that improve performance and promote safety.

These snug-fitting accessories enhance muscle recovery, regulate body temperature, and protect from scrapes and scratches. They provide support and comfort to your arms, preventing injuries and improving your performance on the court.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional volleyball player, arm sleeves offer a vital helping hand in practice and games. With a range of colors, materials, and styles available, they are an investment worth considering for your wardrobe.

So, get fitted with some arm sleeves and take your volleyball game to the next level! Good luck with your volleyball journey!

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