Pickleball is one of the most popular racket sports in the United States. The game requires a specific type of ball to play, and understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor balls can make all the difference in your pickleball performance.

So, what type of ball should you get? Let’s explore what kind of pickleball balls are available and which one will best suit your level of play.

Pickleball balls are made from plastic or composite materials, like polypropylene or nylon, which gives them an aerodynamic shape for higher-speed play but also helps them be lightweight enough for easy handling by players of any age or skill level.

The holes in the surface allow air to pass through, making them easier to control during play than solid balls and allowing players more time to prepare their shots.

Indoor Balls

Indoor pickleball typically uses a soft, hollow plastic ball with larger holes than its outdoor counterpart. These holes allow for better air circulation that helps keep the ball light and aerodynamic.

Indoor pickleball balls are designed to bounce lower than outdoor pickleball balls, making them easier to hit back over the net. This makes them ideal for beginner players who need a bit more time to adjust to the game’s speed.

Outdoor Balls

Outdoor pickleball utilizes a slightly different ball than those used indoors. Outdoor pickleball balls are constructed from harder plastic materials with smaller holes that make them more durable against wear and tear from weather conditions and continuous play.

These small holes also increase their air resistance, causing them to bounce higher off the court than indoor balls—ideal for experienced players who have learned how to control their shots better.


No matter what level you are playing at, there is an appropriate pickleball ball for you and your skill set.

If you prefer playing indoors or if you are just starting out on your pickleball journey, look for indoor balls with larger holes that will help you gain better control over your swings while still providing good air circulation and low bouncing power.

On the other hand, if you prefer outdoor courts or have some experience under your belt already, go with an outdoor ball featuring smaller holes that provide greater durability as well as increased bouncing power that will give even advanced players more challenge during their games.

With both types of balls available on the market today, there is sure to be something perfect for every level of play!

So now that you know what type of ball is best suited for your game, get out there on the court and start playing!

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