Are you looking for bowling tips for beginners that actually work? Coming from someone with bowling being their go-to weekend activity, here are seven bowling tips to help you improve your game.

As a bowling novice, you may feel intimidated by the bowling-savvy friends you go up against. But with a few bowling tips, before long even beginner bowlers can rise to the challenge at their local bowling alley! Let's get started!

1. Get the Right Equipment

While having the right equipment isn’t necessary to learn the basics of how to bowl, it can certainly help you become better. Investing in a good quality bowling ball, shoes, and the bag is essential for any serious bowler.

Believe it or not, bowling with your own bowling ball is one of the best things you can do to improve your game. It may be tempting to use a house ball at your local bowling center, however, they are more than likely quite worn out and won't give you an optimal bowling experience.

It is also important to ensure that the weight of your bowling ball matches your strength level so you can easily pick up and throw it down the lane.

2. Learn the Basics of Form

Start by understanding the basics of good form: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees when throwing the ball.

Always keep your bowling ball close to your body and at chest level when taking your step toward the bowling lane - this will help keep your wrist straight as you move forward.

Make sure your arm is fully extended when releasing the ball and hold on to it until it crosses over into the other lane. Keep your eyes focused on the pins as you release the ball, as this will help guide your throw straight down toward them!

Keeping your elbow close by your side when you bowl will give you more control over your shots and make it easier for you to stay consistent with each shot.

It's important not to lock your arm in place, but instead, keep a relaxed yet firm grip on the ball as you move through each step of your bowling form.

3. Take Small Steps

Taking small steps is one of the best bowling tips for beginners to improve their game! For bowling beginners, it's easy to start off with too much excitement and take big steps. Instead, taking smaller, more controlled steps can improve your bowling game significantly.

Taking small steps will help you maintain balance while throwing the ball down the lane, allowing for greater accuracy and control over where the ball goes.

Taking too large of steps can cause problems with timing and accuracy as well as decrease power behind each shot.

4. Practice Your Follow-Through

As a bowling beginner, one of your most important tasks is to practice your follow-through. This means avoiding the temptation to lift your bowling ball after it leaves your hand and instead keeping it on a straight course towards the head pin.

The key to perfecting this technique is keeping your wrist straight when you release the bowling balls and following through in a natural motion.

If done properly, this will help ensure you deliver a nice, straight ball -rather than an unpredictable curve that could steer you away from the strike you deserve! Remember to grip the ball lightly as this will limit your ball hook as it travels down the lane.

After letting go, keep your bowling arm extended toward where you want it to go until it reaches its destination—this will give more power behind each throw and result in more accurate strikes!

5. Aim for Accuracy over Power

As a beginner bowler, it’s important not to focus too much on the power behind each shot but rather on accuracy when aiming at pins down the lane.

Throwing with excess force could lead to inaccuracy which would result in fewer pins knocked down per frame and thus a lower score overall!

Putting too much force behind your first ball can impair your accuracy, so focus on giving a steady roll. To achieve an accurate first ball, stand the same way each time and keep the same form and simply release the ball in a smooth motion toward the target.

So aim for accuracy over power - as they say practice makes perfect!

6. Visualize Your Shots Before Throwing

If you want to improve your bowling game, visualization is key! Visualizing what kind of shot you want before throwing can be incredibly helpful in terms of improving accuracy while also helping keep emotions like frustration at bay if something doesn’t go according to plan during gameplay!

Visualizing your bowling shots before throwing can help you better prepare for each roll. Before releasing the ball, take a few seconds to focus on the target and visualize seeing the pins come crashing down.

Close your eyes and picture yourself hitting that perfect strike! It may sound silly but this simple mental image can help you adjust and concentrate on your intended bowling technique and make more accurate throws as you learn how to bowl.

7. Have Fun & Be Patient

Last but not least, remember that learning how to bowl takes time and patience! Bowling is a classic game that offers plenty of fun and great competition - even for beginners!

For bowling beginners, it can be difficult to maintain high scores on the bowling lane. Don't fret - with a few helpful bowling tips you'll be throwing strikes in no time! The most important tip for bowling beginners is to have fun and remain patient.

No matter what happens in the bowling alley or how many gutter balls you experience, stay positive as you attempt each turn.

Don’t expect perfection right away; just keep practicing until perfect form becomes second nature–and most importantly–have fun while doing it!


Bowling is an enjoyable sport that anyone can learn with enough practice and patience! Now that you’ve been clued up on the essential bowling tips for beginners, it’s time to hit the bowling alley and test your bowling skills!

With these seven tips in mind, beginners should be able to quickly improve their technique and gain more enjoyment from their experience out on the lanes!

Ready to take it a step further? Why not join a bowling league and seriously up your bowling game? You’ll learn new bowling techniques, discover different bowling balls and get to meet a bunch of awesome bowlers along the way.

So grab a friend or two and hit those pins today –you never know what kind of strikes might be waiting for you around the corner!

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