Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned bowler, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you improve your score.

To help you become the best bowler you can be, here are 10 tips that will take your bowling game to the next level!

From finding the right shoe size to mastering the perfect form, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to get your bowling game up to par.

1. Invest in a good pair of shoes

When it comes to taking your bowling score to the next level, investing in a good pair of shoes is essential. Good bowling shoes are one of the most important investments you can make as a bowler.

Quality shoes provide support and grip that will improve your overall performance and accuracy. Plus, they just look sharp!

2. Find the right ball weight for you

The ideal bowling ball weight for any bowler is determined by their individual strength and size. Depending on your strength and physical capabilities, not all bowling balls will be suitable.

If the ball is too light, it could result in inaccurate throws; if it’s too heavy, it could cause injury. Therefore, taking time to find a good ball is an important first step in boosting your score. Make sure to try out different weights until you find one that works best for you!

3. Practice your grip

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, mastering your grip on a bowling ball can make all the difference in improving your score! An effective grip is crucial for accuracy when releasing the ball down the lane.

Having the correct grip will help you maintain control when releasing the ball. A relaxed but firm grip on the ball should do the trick—you don’t want to squeeze it too hard or hold it too loosely!

4. Focus on your form and technique

The technique isn’t everything, but having good form and posture can help improve your speed and accuracy when throwing a strike or spare. This is often the most neglected part of the game by enthusiasts, which can hinder overall performance.

To get started, practice making sure your arm swing is smooth without jerking or pausing when you step up to take the shot. Make sure to practice keeping your back straight and pushing off with both feet when throwing each frame!

5. Start at 18 steps away from the foul line instead of 15 steps away from it

If you’ve been having trouble getting that coveted strike in the bowling alley, try positioning yourself 18 steps away from the foul line, instead of the standard 15.

While this may seem counterintuitive, starting further away from the foul line gives you more momentum when approaching it – meaning more power behind each throw!

From this distance, it gives you time to aim and adjust so that the ball is where you want it to be at the time of striking.

6. Visualize what you want to do before each throw

Visualizing each shot before taking it can help focus your mind on what needs to be done while also calming any nerves before rolling the ball down the lane – resulting in better control over your shots!

Before each throw, take a moment to mentally run through each and every step. Picture yourself confidently striding up to the bowling alley, grabbing the perfect ball (it's been waiting just for you!), and then taking aim at the pins before releasing it with maximum force—with a satisfying hit!

7. Practice slow rolls every now & then

When it comes to improving your bowling score, good practice makes perfect! One key step in getting your game up to par is occasionally trying slow rolls.

Slow rolls allow bowlers to focus on controlling their release without worrying about power or accuracy – making them great practice drills for improving form & technique while also honing aim & spin control skills!

Start out with slow rolls every now and then to get used to finding the best timing when trying to hit the head pin.

8. Track your progress & set goals

Keeping track of which frames gave you trouble or where improvements need to be made allows bowlers to have insight into where they need assistance & set goals for themselves that will help take their game up a notch!

You may want to log each ball hit, noting which pins were knocked down and how strong the throw was. As you evaluate your successes and analyze what can be improved, you'll find that opportunity for growth.

9. Keep an eye on how others are playing

One key strategy is to keep an eye on the other bowlers in the alley. Watching other bowlers play can give valuable insight into different techniques & strategies – helping bowlers get better faster than if they were simply relying on trial-and-error alone!

Bowling league night is the perfect opportunity to improve your score. Not only do you get to show off your own technique, but you can also watch how other players take their turns. Paying attention to the habits of more experienced players in the bowling alley is a quick and easy way to improve your own performance.

Experienced and professional bowlers tend to use certain techniques that can help you to improve your own bowling skills. The more you pay attention, the better you'll understand how to adjust your stance and throw for an even better result.

10. Don't forget to have fun

Above all else, remember that bowling is supposed to be fun – so don’t forget to enjoy yourself out there!

Don’t get too caught up in trying to improve your technique as quickly as possible. Instead, take a mindful approach to each game and use whatever techniques are necessary to make sure you remain relaxed, focused, and positive.

Having the right attitude and remembering that this is just a bowling game are key to improving your bowling score over time.


With these ten tips in mind, we hope you’ll improve your score in no time at all!

Whether you’re an amateur looking for some pointers or an experienced bowler looking for ways to perfect their craft, these tips should have given you something new to think about as well as remind you of why we love this sport so much in the first place—it's all about having fun while trying to get those strikes and spares!

Good luck out there on those lanes—we know with enough practice (and maybe a bit of luck) your scores will go up very soon indeed!

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