Volleyball is a team sport that requires teamwork, communication, and quick thinking. Whether you're a beginner volleyball player or just a casual fan, understanding the basics of a volleyball roster is essential to playing the game effectively.

In this quick guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on the number of players on the court, the full roster, and even behind-the-scenes staff that keeps the team running.

Whether you’re playing indoor, beach volleyball, or sitting volleyball, here’s everything you need to know about the number of players on a volleyball team.

How many volleyball players are on the court at the same time?

Indoor Volleyball Team

For indoor volleyball, each team has six players on the court at the same time during a volleyball match. Three players are in the front row, and three are in the back row. The players switch positions after every point, with the player at the front left serving the ball at the beginning of each new game.

Beach Volleyball Team

When it comes to beach volleyball, each team has two players on the court at the same time. Each player plays both offense and defense, with no designated positions. The players rotate serving every time there is a side change.

How many volleyball players are there on the team, including substitutes?

Indoor Volleyball Team

For an indoor volleyball team, there are usually 12 to 14 players on the full roster. Teams are allowed to have up to 12 players on the roster for each game, with up to two substitutes. The substitutes are usually the seventh and eighth players on the team and only come in for very specific purposes.

Beach Volleyball Team

On the other hand, the full roster for a beach volleyball team only includes two players. There are no substitutes, and players cannot switch out during a game.

How many players are on the volleyball roster?

Indoor Volleyball Team

As mentioned, the full roster for an indoor volleyball team ranges from 12 to 14 players. Each player has a designated position and role on the team.

Besides the substitutes, there are additional players known as "practice players" who may be added to the full roster. These extra players participate in practices and sometimes travel with the team but don't participate in games.

Beach Volleyball Team

Beach volleyball is a sport that requires an immense amount of athleticism and technical skill from players. In beach volleyball, the game is played with just two players and there are no substitutes.

This means that both players have to be in peak physical condition and must possess a wide range of technical skills if they want to succeed on the court.

How many staff members are on the volleyball team?

Each volleyball team also has a support staff that helps the players and coaches in various roles. The most common staff roles include:

Head Coach- responsible for developing and implementing the team strategy, training, and guiding the players.

Assistant Coach- assists the head coach, often specializing in specific areas such as serving or defense.

Team Manager- responsible for organizing the team's logistics, such as travel and accommodations, and often assisting with team equipment.

Athletic Therapist- responsible for keeping the athletes healthy and managing their injuries.

Strength and Conditioning Trainer- responsible for keeping the athletes in top physical condition.

Medical Doctor-  provides medical care and ensures the athletes are healthy.

These are just some of the staff roles that can be found on a volleyball team's roster. Depending on the team, there may be additional staff members with specialized roles that help ensure the team is successful.

How Many Players are there on a Sitting Volleyball Team?

Sitting volleyball is a special variant of the sport designed for people with physical disabilities. Sitting volleyball teams have six players with up to six substitutes.

Players are allowed to use their hands and arms only to make contact with the ball, as they must remain seated at all times during gameplay. There are 6 substitutions per set in sitting volleyball.


Knowing the basic volleyball roster is essential for any team and player. Understanding how many players are allowed on the court at any given time in a volleyball game, the full roster, and the support staff can help teams develop winning strategies, keep players healthy, and lead to overall success.

Whether you’re playing indoor or beach volleyball, understanding and embracing the importance of the team is key to having fun and winning games. Playing volleyball requires a great deal of skill as well as an appreciation for strategy; both elements must be present when playing competitively in order to succeed.

So, to answer the question of how many players are on a volleyball roster: 12-14 for indoor teams, two players for beach teams, and six players plus up to six substitutes for sitting volleyball.

Additionally, there can be staff members who help support the team’s objectives in various ways. With this knowledge in hand, teams can develop successful strategies and lead to overall team success.

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