Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, and for good reason. It’s a great way to stay active and have fun with your friends or family.

Pickleball is a fast-paced, rewarding sport that can be played in singles or doubles. In this blog post, we will break down the key rules to playing pickleball singles and how it differs from pickleball doubles.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking to brush up on your game or someone brand new to the sport, understanding the basics of pickleball singles is essential.

Rules & Scoring

Singles pickleball is very similar to doubles pickleball in terms of pickleball rules and scoring. The same pickleball court measurements and serving order apply.

The main difference with singles is that there are only two players instead of four. This means that both players are responsible for covering all four corners during a rally.

The winner of the game must reach 11 points first (or 15 in tournament play), but must also be at least two points ahead of their opponent.

You only score when you are serving—you don’t need to keep track of points when your opponent is serving; only your own points matter.

Serving & Receiving

In pickleball, serves must always go crosscourt. Pickleball scoring is a key factor to remember when serving; always serve from the right side when your score is even and switch to the left side when your score is odd. The pickleball serve should be made from below the waist.

The “kitchen” is an area within the pickleball court located 7 feet from each side of the non-volley zone line (7 feet behind this line). This area has special rules – no volleys may be taken while standing in this zone.

The double bounce rule is one of the fundamental rules of a pickleball game and states that both teams must hit the ball twice before it can be volleyed back over the net.

Strategy & Tactics                      

Because pickleball singles involve taking up much more space than doubles do, strategy becomes even more important when playing single games than when playing double games.

Players need to focus on placement, angles, and being able to cover all four corners of the court at any given time—which means having quick feet and being aware of your opponent’s position at all times!

Serving high and deep into difficult positions can give you an edge against your opponents as well as trying to keep them off balance by throwing unexpected spins onto shots or hitting low balls at their feet whenever possible.

Control The Center of the Court

In pickleball singles, controlling the center of the court is key. Generally speaking, whoever controls the center of the court has control over where each point goes and how long it lasts—so having control over this area gives you a major advantage over your opponent.

To control the center of the court, focus on consistently hitting shots towards its middle section instead of trying to hit cross-court winners every time. This will force your opponent into difficult positions while giving you plenty of room to set up easy volleys or put away shots.

Choose Your Shots Wisely

In pickleball singles, it’s important that you don’t become too aggressive too quickly when looking for winners—especially if it’s against an experienced opponent who excels at defense and counter-attacking.

Instead, focus on using spin and placement variations combined with consistent volleys until an opening presents itself for you to go for a winner without exposing yourself too much.

By doing this, you’ll be able to maintain control over points while still being able to put away shots when necessary.


Playing pickleball singles can be both challenging and rewarding for any level of player!

By focusing on serving strategically, using spin shots wisely, staying aware of where your opponent is at all times, and practicing proper footwork technique you can become an expert at Pickleball Singles in no time!

With these tips in mind, get out there and start having some fun!

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