Have you ever wondered why pickleball is such an enjoyable and unique game? One of the reasons is because of its rules.

The double bounce rule in particular stands out as it adds an extra element of challenge to the game and helps make it more interesting. Let's take a closer look at this rule and how it works.

What Is the Double Bounce Rule?

Simply put, the two-bounce rule states that after the serve, each side must allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it back across the net.

This means that when your opponent serves you, you have to let it hit the ground once before returning it over the net. On your return shot, they must then also let it bounce once before they can hit it back to you or your partner.

Once both sides have allowed one bounce on each side, play continues with either a volley or groundstroke.

The purpose of this rule is twofold. First, allowing players to hit a bouncing ball allows for more control over shots, thus making pickleball a bit easier for beginners or those with lower skill levels.

Second, allowing both sides to be able to use their volleys increases competition between teams and encourages players to develop their skills further. This makes pickleball more challenging while still keeping things fair and exciting!

How the Double Bounce Rule Affects Game Strategy

The two-bounce rule can have a huge effect on game strategy. For example, if your opponent's serve is short or slow, you may be able to return it with a shot that is faster and more precise, allowing you to gain an advantage in the rally.

On the other hand, if your opponent's serve is too powerful or fast, you may need to return it with a slower shot so as not to give them an easy point.

Additionally, the two-bounce rule can also influence your serve strategy. Knowing that your opponent must let it bounce once before returning can help you decide how to place your serve in order to disrupt their game plan and gain an advantage.

Overall, the double bounce rule is a fundamental part of pickleball and helps make it such a unique sport. Understanding this rule and how it affects the game can help you become a better player and increase your chances of winning!

The 2 Bounce Rule-A Critical Pickleball Rule | Better Pickleball

When Is This Rule Not Followed?

In some cases, such as if a player hits a ball too hard or if there is interference from another player on either side of the court, one team may not be able to return a ball that has bounced once on their side of the court.

In these cases, no points are awarded and play continues with another serve from whichever team served last.

It’s important for all players to keep track of who served last so that play can continue smoothly without having to reset after each point is scored!

Pickleball double bounce rule adds an extra layer of skill and strategy to every match by ensuring that both teams have equal opportunities when playing against each other.

With practice and dedication, anyone can learn how to master this rule and become an expert pickleball player!

Common Misconceptions about the Double Bounce Rule

One of the most common misconceptions about this rule is that it applies to every return shot. This is incorrect, as the two-bounce rule only applies after a serve and a return of that has been made.

Another common misconception is that players are only allowed to hit the ball after it touches the ground twice. This is not true either, as players can and should make a return shot after the ball has bounced only once. If the ball bounces twice on either side of the court, the player loses the point.

Finally, some people think that the double bounce rule only applies to singles games and not doubles. This is also untrue, as the two-bounce rule applies to both singles and doubles pickleball matches.


Here is a summary regarding the double bounce rule in pickleball:

• The Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball states that after the serve, each side must allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it back across the net.

• This rule adds an extra layer of challenge, helping make the game more interesting and suitable for all skill levels.

• It also increases competition between teams and encourages players to develop their skills further.

• It also influences serve strategy and can give one team an advantage if used correctly.

• In some situations, such as when there is interference on either side of the court, no points are awarded, and play automatically resumes with another serve.

• With practice and dedication, anyone can master this rule and become an expert pickleball player!


Pickleball is a great game with an interesting set of rules, and the double bounce rule is one of those rules that makes it so unique. So take some time to understand this rule and you’ll be ready to take your game to the next level in no time!

By understanding and following the double bounce rule, pickleball can be an even more enjoyable game for players of all skill levels!

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