Pickleball fan? Up your game with the right pair of gloves!

If you’re serious about pickleball and want to take your skills to the next level, then it’s essential that you invest in a quality pair of gloves.

But there are so many brands and styles out there—which one should you choose? Never fear! We have done our research and rounded up some of the best pickleball gloves on the market so you don't have to. Keep reading to learn more!

How We Choose The Best Pickleball Gloves

You love pickleball, but your hands always get sore and tired from all the swinging.

Pickleball is a ton of fun, but it can be really tough on your hands if you don't have the right gear.

Check out our list of the best pickleball gloves to help protect your hands while you play. We've read hundreds of reviews to find the best gloves for every budget.

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Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

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Why We Love It

Love pickleball? Us too. But if you really want to get serious about your game, it pays to have the right gear – like the Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove! Specifically designed for pickleball players, this glove offers the perfect balance of protection and agility.

The fingerless design gives you a better feel so you can make sure your grip is on point every time. And it’s durably constructed with flexible material for amazing comfort, even over hours of play.

It’s also moisture-wicking and great for hot summer days, so you can play comfortably without fear of sweat or heat exhaustion getting in your way.

What You Should Know

Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove is a great product made with very breathable materials. This glove features padding on the thumb and index finger to provide extra cushioning and comfort while playing pickleball.

Its adjustable wrist strap allows for a secure fit, so you can stay comfortable throughout your game. Perfect for beginners or advanced athletes alike – Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove is definitely worth adding to your pickleball equipment collection.

Selkirk Boost Pickleball Glove

Selkirk Boost Pickleball Glove

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Why We Love It

Whether you’re a dedicated pickleballer or just a weekend warrior, you’ll love the Selkirk Boost Pickleball Glove! It's designed specifically for pickleball players, providing a great fit and comfort that's perfect for the court.

Made with advanced traction technology, this glove will allow you to keep your grip on your paddle while taking those extra-long rallies to the next level. And with its lightweight and breathable material, you won't sacrifice durability in pursuit of your victory.

What You Should Know

Selkirk Boost Pickleball Glove is designed to give you a superior fit and extra protection on the court. With an easy-to-clean breathable Lycra material, Selkirk gloves provide maximum breathability while keeping your hand dry even in the hottest climates.

The Selkirk Glove offers an adjustable wrist strap and full hand padding for added protection, so you know that you’re getting quality gear as well as comfort. Selkirk is known for its commitment to innovation, which shines through with this glove that meets the highest standards of protectiveness without compromising on comfort or durability.

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

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Why We Love It

Are you an avid pickleball enthusiast? We’ve got the perfect accessory to give you a leg up in the game: Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove!

This stylish pickleball glove is ultra-grippy and is sure to keep your hands dry, meaning no more uncomfortable and slippery paddle holds. And with its great fit, it means that you’ll enjoy maximum comfort without sacrificing your grip.

So whether you’re smashing serves or just cruising around the court playing around with some gentle shots, this glove will be there to provide superior grip – giving you big confidence boosts every time when it comes to capitalizing on soft returns.

Plus, its stylish design won't let your style suffer - making sure that all those admiring pickleball fans aren’t only impressed by your skills but also by how good you look.

What You Should Know

The Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove is an excellent choice for those wanting a glove with all-around quality. The leather construction is perforated for maximum breathability, which helps regulate temperature and improves your grip even during intense bouts of exercise.

It has all the features you want in a good racquetball glove: durability, fit, and comfort. With the Python Deluxe, you'll be able to make sharp plays on the court and hit balls with confidence despite moisture or perspiration build-up on your palm. Plus its modern design looks stylish wherever you go!

HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove

HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove

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Why We Love It

Are you a pickleball enthusiast looking for the perfect glove to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove!

Crafted with only the highest quality durable leather, it’s made to last while providing great grip. The comfortable fit ensures you won’t have trouble reaching balls out of bounds and powering through serves.

Love the sound of the ball hitting your racquet? Me too! This glove offers top-notch protection so you can keep playing without fear of blistering your hand. The non-slip properties also help you retain your maneuverability and stay where you need to be during those intense rallies and pressure plays.

What You Should Know

HEAD's Leather Racquetball Glove uses ventilated spandex fabric that promotes maximum airflow to help maintain a comfortable temperature and provide incredible breathability.

This innovative material ensures an optimal fit while providing unbeatable ventilation, allowing air to easily pass through the fabric and circulate around the hand.

With its light and flexible nature, this fabric is designed to allow you to move freely without restrictions, perfect for those intense games of racquetball. HEAD's Leather Racquetball Glove allows for a range of motion with maximum comfort, creating an unforgettable wearing experience.

Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove

Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove

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Why We Love It

All pickleball enthusiasts, listen up! If you're looking for the perfect glove to make your game smoother, softer, and more comfortable, then you'll love the Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove.

This glove truly is the bee's knees when it comes to sports equipment - designed with softness and comfort in mind, you'll be able to enjoy playing pickleball day after day without worrying about your grip or sore wrists.

Whether you're giving it all at the tournament level or just having fun on lazy Sunday afternoons - this glove won't let you down. And don't just take our word for it - go ahead and give it a try yourself!

You won't regret having such a valuable addition to your gear, especially when your friends are asking where you got such an awesome glove from.

What You Should Know

Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove are designed using very soft leather, providing a superb texture and flexibility that allows for better grip and control of your racket.

This beautifully crafted material adds an extra layer of comfort while still allowing you to move freely when playing. The Tourna glove has been tested by experienced athletes who have endorsed its quality and durability in a variety of conditions.

The glove's unique properties ensure that it will last longer and stay comfortable throughout any match or practice session, letting you focus on perfecting your game.

Best Pickleball Gloves FAQs

We've got you covered with this helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) designed to make your shopping experience a breeze. Our FAQs are here to give you the jumping-off point you need.

We've got all the topics covered, from helping you select the best pickleball glove, picking the perfect size and style, and even showing you how to care for your gloves once you’ve chosen the best pair for you. So go ahead, and get your pickleball game on with our helpful FAQs!

What are the best pickleball gloves?

The best pickleball gloves are ones that provide ample protection and improve your grip. For maximum durability and breathability, look for gloves made with leather or synthetic materials.

Consider a glove with reinforced padding on the palm of the hand to offer additional cushioning against shock and wear and tear. Neoprene straps around the wrists can be tightened for comfortable support during gameplay.

Choose models that provide superior ventilation to keep your hands cool even during extended gaming sessions. With quality craftsmanship, you can find pickleball gloves that maximize your performance while also protecting your hands from fatigue or injury.

How do I choose the right pickleball glove?

Choosing the right pickleball glove depends on your preferences and playing style, so it’s important to take some time to research the options. Choosing the right type of glove also depends on your winter climate and what type of glove best suits the way you play.

Generally, winter pickleball gloves provide the most warmth and protection from any winter elements. They typically have more insulation than summer and all-season gloves because they help retain heat better.

Racquetball gloves are made for a firmer grip and offer protection if playing outdoors in cold weather conditions.

Generally speaking, pickleball gloves are divided into two types: leather, which is more rigid and will provide you with a better grip; and mesh gloves which are softer, lighter, and less durable but cheaper.

Additionally, when selecting a glove style you should consider the thickness of the material used - thinner gloves offer a greater feel but can wear out faster whereas thicker padding may be sturdier but lack tactile feedback. 

Finally, make sure you purchase one that fits properly – too loose or tight may cause discomfort or affect your performance!

What are the benefits of wearing gloves while playing pickleball?

Wearing gloves while playing pickleball is an excellent way to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Here are some of the advantages of wearing gloves during a game of pickleball:

1. Improved Grip: Gloves can help you grip the paddle more securely, giving you greater control over your shots. This increases accuracy and power when striking balls, improving your overall performance on the court.

2. Better Comfort: Pickleball paddles can be quite heavy and uncomfortable to hold for extended periods, especially if you’re not used to it initially. Wearing gloves helps provide extra cushioning against pressure from the paddle handle, making your gameplay much more comfortable in long matches.

3. Reduced Risk Of Injury: Over-gripping or straining too hard to hit powerful shots can lead to hand cramps or wrist injuries - both common issues among players who don't wear gloves during playtime! Glove material also provides added protection from any shocks associated with high-impact strokes which could cause damage without them!

Do professional players wear pickleball gloves?

Yes, professional pickleball players do wear gloves. This is because gloves offer additional grip and minimize the risk of hand fatigue during lengthy matches.

Many professional pickleball athletes prefer wearing full-finger gloves or a combination of half-finger and full-finger gloves to maximize their comfort while playing.

Different glove styles are designed with different materials offering various levels of comfort, flexibility, insulation, and moisture control to suit different players’ needs.

Ultimately, whether one chooses to wear a glove when playing professionally is ultimately up to them as it can depend on their playing style and preferences.

How do you clean pickleball gloves?

To clean your pickleball gloves, the best and least time-consuming approach is to machine wash them. Make sure to use a mild detergent and cold water - like you would for any other delicate clothing items.

Next, hang your gloves outside or on a clothesline to air dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer as high heat can cause damage to the fabric and stitching of your gloves.

Lastly, once they are completely dry, put some talcum powder in each one so that they don’t get too stiff from being wet for too long or become prone to cracking along the seams.

How do I care for my pickleball gloves?

Caring for your pickleball gloves is essential to maintain their performance and playability. Here are some tips on how to keep your gloves looking and feeling like new:

1. Wash with a mild detergent after every use - This will help prevent the build-up of sweat, dirt, and other residues which can diminish the grip of your gloves over time.

2. Air-dry as much as possible - If you have to machine wash them, make sure that you air-dry them instead of using heat dryer settings as this can cause damage to the material.

3. Avoid sharp objects - Make sure not to expose your gloves to sharp edges such as stones or rough surfaces as these may tear or damage the material.

4. Store properly when not in use - To avoid any unnecessary wear on your glove material it's best to store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or warm temperatures when not in use.

5. Inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear - Over time the quality of materials may decrease so it's important to inspect your gloves periodically for any signs of deterioration that might affect their performance during gameplay!

How often should I replace my pickleball gloves?

Generally, you should replace your pickleball gloves every 3-6 months depending on their frequency of use. Most pickleball gloves are made with synthetic leather, which is designed to be durable and maintain its strength for a longer period of time than traditional leather.

However, the more you play with your gloves, the more worn out they become over time and need to be replaced. Additionally, make sure to check for any signs of wear or tear such as stretching of material or fraying along the seams before using them each time in order to ensure safety while playing.

Where can I find pickleball gloves?

Pickleball gloves are readily available in a variety of places, including Amazon, online stores, and local sports shops. If you're looking for a good quality glove specifically designed for pickleball, Amazon has a large selection to choose from at various price points.

Additionally, there are plenty of online stores that offer these lightweight gloves from top brands like Selkirk Sports. Lastly, if you have access to any physical sports shops in your area they may carry some glove options as well.

How much do pickleball gloves cost?

Pickleball gloves typically cost between $7 and $25, depending on the type or brand of glove you are looking for. In general, pricier pickleball gloves offer better grip and superior comfort.

Some factors that affect the price of a glove include the material used (synthetic leather, real leather), puncture resistance, sweat-wicking properties, breathability, its fit or size as well as any special features or finger dividers.

Depending on your budget and needs, there is sure to be an option that meets your needs!

Best Pickleball Gloves for You

Well, there you have it. Our top five pickleball gloves and our thoughts on why they're great to offer an excellent selection to choose from and a lot of value for your money. We hope we've made choosing the perfect pair easier for you!

What's great is that all of the gloves on this list can be purchased on Amazon, so if you go for one of our top picks, you'd be sure to save some cash too.

So go ahead and tap the links below to check out all the best prices today — you're bound to find something that fits your needs! Happy playing and happy shopping!

Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

Selkirk Boost Pickleball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove

Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove

Two extra picks:

Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball

  • This specialty keeps your hands warm in cold weather

Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove

  • Eye-catching glove with an extremely strong grip because of patented Sticky Skin technology

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