Pickleball is a fun and addictive sport that has gained immense popularity over the years. Just like any other sport, it requires practice, persistence, and a strong determination to succeed.

While the forehand is the most commonly used shot in pickleball, mastering your backhand can give you an edge over your opponent. A solid backhand shot can provide you with more opportunities to win points and ultimately the game.

In this blog, we will discuss 7 simple tips to master your pickleball backhand.

1. Get the grip right

To achieve a solid pickleball backhand, you need to start with the right grip. The continental grip is the most recommended for this shot because it allows you to have better control over the ball, especially on high and low backhands.

However, keep in mind that there are different variations of the continental grip, and you need to find the one that works best for you.

Additionally, the paddle grip is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting your grip. The paddle is the extension of your hand, and you need to feel comfortable and in control when holding it.

Avoid having a too-tight or too-loose grip, as this can affect your accuracy and power. A good rule of thumb is to have a relaxed grip that feels natural and effortless.

Remember, the right grip can make a significant difference in your backhand shot, so take the time to experiment with different grips until you find the one that suits you best.

2. Watch the ball

One of the most common mistakes pickleball players make is not watching the ball. This mistake can be especially detrimental to those with a weak backhand, as they may struggle to return the ball without proper focus.

To master your backhand, you must stay laser-focused on the ball and anticipate its trajectory. Follow its movement with your eyes and adjust your body accordingly to ensure an accurate and powerful shot.

Remember, the backhand requires more control and finesse than the forehand, so taking the time to perfect your form and concentration is key to success on the court.

3. Footwork is key

Good footwork is important for every shot in pickleball, including the backhand. To get to the right position, you must engage in proper footwork. Always try to move your feet first and then hit the shot. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and maintain good balance while striking.

Good footwork is vital in a pickleball game, as it allows you to gain an advantageous position on the court and execute accurate shots. For your backhand, you must focus on your front leg and make sure it is pointed toward your target. This will give you a more natural and comfortable stance, allowing you to maintain control and power over your shot.

Additionally, it is essential to keep your knees bent and ready to move in all directions. This will help you maintain good balance and prevent you from losing your footing while hitting the ball.

Try to keep a low center of gravity to improve your stability and reaction time, and don't forget to pivot on your back foot when necessary to adjust your position and angle.

4. Proper preparation

A good backswing is crucial for a successful backhand shot. You should always make sure to have proper preparation before hitting the shot. Bring your paddle back and raise your elbow above your shoulder. This will help you generate more power and get proper contact with the ball.

When preparing for a backhand shot, it's important to adopt an athletic stance that allows you to move quickly and maintain balance. As the ball approaches your backhand side, turn your shoulders and pivot your back foot to position your body correctly.

Your non-dominant hand should be used to guide the paddle into the correct position, while your dominant hand should be used to generate power.

As you bring the paddle back for the backswing, keep your elbow close to your body and use your core to generate power. Follow through your shot by extending your arm toward the target and using your wrist to add spin.

5. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand for Support

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to your pickleball backhand is to use your non-dominant hand for support. This will help you stabilize your shot and provide you with better control over your racquet.

When using a two-handed backhand grip, employing your non-dominant hand for support is even more essential. The grip for a two-handed backhand naturally demands the use of two hands on the pickleball paddle, leaving one hand to support and steady the other.

Many pickleball players have found that using their non-dominant hand for support not only provides better control and stability over the paddle but also enables them to generate more power and spin on the backhand.

Additionally, incorporating your non-dominant hand into your backhand shot helps to maintain balance and control across your entire body.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

To master your backhand, you must practice regularly. Practice different types of backhand shots like topspin and slice to have a better understanding of the backhand technique.

The best way to improve your pickleball backhand is through practice drills. Do drills that focus on the accuracy and placement of your backhand shots.

There are many drills you can do, including wall drills, crosscourt drills, and dink drills. Each of these drills will help you improve your technique, footwork, and overall backhand shot.

In order to become the best pickleball player, in addition to a good forehand shot, you need to have a great backhand. However, mastering this technique takes practice and a lot of it.

Another aspect pickleball players should pay attention to during practice is the contact point. Hitting the ball too high or low can cause you to lose control of the shot, so aim for a consistent contact point.

Remember, the key to a great backhand is consistency, and the best way to achieve this is through consistent practice.

7. Look for the right opportunity

Knowing when to use your backhand is equally important as mastering it. In most cases, you will be hitting a backhand when the ball is hit toward your non-dominant side. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity so that you can execute a solid backhand and score points.

Pickleball players should also consider their positioning on the court when deciding to use their backhand. If you find yourself out of position, using your backhand may be your best option for returning the ball. However, if you have the opportunity to move back to your forehand, take advantage of it and use your dominant hand for the next shot.

Additionally, keep in mind that your opponents are always looking for opportunities to exploit weaknesses in your game. If they notice that your backhand is weaker than your forehand, they may try to target that side with their shots.

Therefore, it's important to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to use your backhand, rather than hitting a weak shot and giving your opponents an advantage.


Mastering your backhand is no easy feat, but with regular practice and these 7 simple tips, you can improve your game in no time.

Remember to focus on your grip, and footwork, and have proper preparation before hitting the shot. Additionally, practice regularly, and be patient when waiting for the right opportunity.

Stay calm and relaxed, and with time, you will master the pickleball backhand shot. The more you practice and follow these tips, the more you will excel in challenging games, and enjoy the game to its fullest. Happy pickleball playing!

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