If you play pickleball, then having the right play gear is essential. That's why many players turn to batting gloves, racquetball gloves, and even golf gloves when they're on the court.

But what if there was a better way? Pickleball gloves are specifically designed for pickleball play and offer several advantages over other play-specific gloves.

Who knew that the simple act of wearing pickleball gloves could make such a huge difference in your play? Playing pickleball without gloves can be a recipe for disaster, leading to blisters, calluses, and other injuries.

Wearing the right pair can give you much better control, even when play gets really intense. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five key benefits of wearing pickleball gloves on the court.

1. Improved Grip on the Paddle

One of the biggest advantages of wearing pickleball gloves is that they provide a better grip on your paddle than your bare hands. In addition, pickleball gloves help allow for better control of your shots on the pickleball court.

The material in some gloves helps absorb moisture, so even if you’re sweating heavily, you won’t have to worry about your grip slipping away from you during an intense game.

Plus, thanks to some newer technologies like sticky skin technology, gripping the racket becomes so much easier - being able to hit with precision has never been easier!

2. Comfort and Protection

Pickleball is best enjoyed when we feel comfortable and protected. That's why wearing the best pickleball glove is essential for ultimate success on the court!

Even if you don’t mind a little soreness or callouses, having to play with sore hands can be distracting and take away from your performance on the court.

With pickleball gloves, your hands will stay comfortable and protected all through a long match. Not only do pickleball gloves reduce blisters, but they also prolong the life of your pickleball paddle.

If you’re a fan of winter pickleball and find yourself playing in cold weather, wearing winter pickleball gloves is a must. Not only do they keep your hands from becoming painfully cold, but they also provide important protection against blisters and calluses; a common problem for winter players who forgot their gloves!

3. More Control Over Your Shots

With improved grip and comfort comes increased control over your shots as well. You’ll be able to place shots more accurately with less effort when you wear pickleball gloves because you won’t have to worry about losing control of your paddle due to sweaty palms or discomfort in your hands from gripping too tightly.

What's more, the leather palm design and synthetic leather fabric allow for maximum control over every swing and spin. With heavy-duty leathers, you can feel confident that you won't slip or give up too much power in your shots.

4. Better Power

Not only do pickleball gloves give you more control over your shots but they also help increase the power behind them too.

Glove material helps absorb shock so that when a ball hits your paddle it will transfer more energy back into it rather than dispersing it throughout your body which can lead to fatigue quickly set in over time.

This extra energy will help you hit harder and faster shots during games which could put pressure on opponents who aren’t expecting such powerful returns of their volleys across the net!

With the best women's or best men's pickleball gloves, you'll be able to remain in control of your shots for longer durations and with greater accuracy.

5. Unique Style

Last but not least, wearing pickleball gloves is also a great way to show off some style on the court!

Whether you prefer bright colors or sleek patterns, there are plenty of choices out there that will make sure everyone knows who’s bossing around their opponents at all times!

Plus, since most glove materials are breathable, they won’t cause any discomfort either which means no need for worrying about sweaty palms ruining any epic matches either!

Aside from merely looking flawless, a stylish pickleball glove for your paddle hand provides a competitive edge in terms of grip and power, which is essential for racket sports!


In conclusion, there are many benefits to wearing gloves while playing pickleball such as improved grip on the paddle, comfort, and protection for your hands, increased power behind each shot, better accuracy over where balls go when struck as well as adding some style points when playing against friends or rivals alike!

Overall, the benefits that come with wearing a pickleball glove are undeniable; so make sure to wear one during your next pickleball game! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some quality pickleball gear today and start dominating those courts like never before!

If you're looking for the best pickleball gloves, check out our top picks including Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove! We've done all the research for you, so you don't have to!

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