If you play volleyball, mastering the basics of serving accuracy is almost essential. A well-placed serve can put the other team on their heels and put your team ahead in the game.

This means that having a reliable and accurate serve is a must if you want to be successful in volleyball.

If you are a complete beginner, a great spot to start is an underhand serve, one of the easier and most basic drills in the game of volleyball. You can then move on to more challenging ones such as an overhand serve and power serves like jump serving - this will work on increasing accuracy and speed!

There are lots of drills that can help hone your skills and take your play to the next level - and here are five awesome ones!

Wall Serving Drill

The wall serving drill is a great way to build consistency and accuracy as a server. All you need for this drill is a wall and a ball. You stand about 10-15 feet away from the wall, facing it with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arm extended forward.

Start by getting into a comfortable stance facing away from a wall with the ball in hand. Get into position as if you were about to make an overhand serve (or underhand serve) and begin practicing your swing motion by hitting the ball against the wall.

Focus on making contact with the same spot on the wall each time and work on increasing accuracy before moving on to more complex drills.

Overhead Serving Drill

When it comes to serve in volleyball, accuracy is key.  That’s why the overhead serve drill is one of the must-do exercises for anyone looking to ace their serve game.

This drill will help improve both power and accuracy by having you practice overhead serves using different types of shots such as floaters or jump serves.

Start by standing at least 10 feet away from a wall, then have someone throw or roll balls towards you while completing an overhead swing motion to send them back against the wall (or even better, have someone else hit them back for more repetition).

Once again, focus on perfecting form before adding any type of spin or power shot into this drill.

Four Square Drill

This drill is designed to help players practice aiming their serves into four different target areas on opposite sides of their opponent’s court without having to move around too much or drastically adjust their technique for each serve attempt.

To start, set up four targets—two on either side of your opponent’s court—and stand at one corner of them facing towards each other diagonally (so two targets are diagonal from one another).

Take turns attempting to land serves into each of these four targets before moving onto another set of four targets further away from where you started; continue doing this until all eight targets have been hit successfully within a given time frame or a number of attempts allowed per person/team/player.

Accuracy Challenge

Accuracy Challenge is one of the best volleyball serve drills to help you master the floater serve and the more powerful serve.

The accuracy challenge puts pressure on yourself (or whoever else is taking part) to hit specific spots in order to complete an entire “challenge” within a certain amount of time or number of attempts allowed per person/team/player.

Set up three or four spot markers (e..g cones) around each side of an imaginary box centered between two opposing teams; then take turns trying to land as many consecutive serves as possible within this box without hitting any out-of-bounds markers or having them come back over onto one’s own side before switching places with another player on either side so they can have their turn trying to hit those same spots consecutively over again until everyone has had their turn completing this challenge together as many times as necessary until all players feel comfortable with their newfound accuracy results!

Target Cone Drill

This target cone volleyball serving drill requires setting up nine cones in three rows separated by 15 feet (five cones per row).

Stand 15 feet away from these cones and take turns throwing balls at them while trying not to miss any more than twice per row before resetting everything back up again and starting over again from scratch; repeat this process several times until all players feel comfortable hitting these nine cones accurately every single time without missing more than twice per row during any given attempt!


With practice, these drills will help make sure that when game day arrives, you'll be ready!

By focusing on improving accuracy first, power will come naturally as well since it's easier for players who know where they're going with every serve attempt versus those who just throw blindly hoping something sticks or goes off course accidentally due to lack of precision control!

Working on things like keeping a consistent serving hand and the correct positioning of your hitting arm will go a long way. Additionally, practicing float serve, short serve, jump serve, and jump float serve with the correct form will help ingrain serving accuracy into your muscle memory.

So get out there today and start working on improving both accuracy AND power through careful repetition using these five simple yet effective volleyball serving drills! Good luck!

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