Are you looking for some drills to practice volleyball passing without the help of a partner? Then look no further! We’ve got the scoop on the top 5 solo volleyball passing drills that you can do right in your own home.

From single-arm passes to basket passing drills, these exercises will help you perfect your technique and become a better passer. Read on to learn more about how you can up your game with our favorite solo volleyball passing drills!

Practicing volleyball passing at home

Consistently practicing passing is a critical component of success in volleyball. Practicing volleyball passing can often feel like a challenge when done from home.

To make the most of your time and effort, it helps to focus on specific passing drills for each practice session.

This allows you to hone in on passing skills such as control, accuracy, and foot positioning. Make sure to set aside sufficient time at practice devoted exclusively to passing drills so that you can optimize your skillset and become the best passer possible.

Normal Passing Against a Wall Drill

This is the kind of volleyball passing drill that everyone knows—and it’s perfect for any level of player, from beginner to pro. This drill is focused on improving your forearm passing position.

Stand about five feet away from a wall and practice passing against it with both arms, focusing on keeping your passes tight and accurate.

This drill will help you build muscle memory for when you’re on the court. This drill helps you work on the fundamentals of passing with only a ball and a wall.

Single-Arm Passes Drill

This is an excellent volleyball drill for beginners who want to work on their basic passing skills. To do this drill, stand about 4 feet away from a wall or net and toss the ball up against it using one arm only.

Focus on keeping your eyes on the ball as it comes off of the wall/net and land it cleanly back in your hand. Do this 10 times before switching arms and repeating another 10 reps with your other arm.

This drill teaches players to use one hand at a time to control the passing platform, using arms and wrists together in unison.

Basket Passing Drill

This volleyball passing drill practices the ideal arm mechanics needed for targeting the ball toward the setter position.

For this drill, all you need is a laundry basket or any other type of container with a wide opening at least six inches in diameter. Stand 10-12 feet away from the basket and practice passing with both hands into it without letting the ball hit the ground before it gets there.

This will help build accuracy in your passes and make sure that you can send them exactly where they need to go when playing against an opponent.

Quick Side Shuffle Passes

For this drill, all you need is a ball and some space! This exercise helps players to practice proper movement, such as keeping shoulders forward and feet in a middle front position.

The drill begins by standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart in an athletic stance. Now perform quick side shuffles while practicing making quality passes to yourself in between each shuffle step.

As you get better, increase the speed at which you are shuffling while still focusing on making quality passes. This exercise is great for improving footwork and agility, as well as developing quick reflexes when it comes to passing technique.

Kneeling Side Passes

Last but not least is kneeling side passes. Kneel down next to a wall or net and pass back and forth between them without letting go of either surface until after contact has been made 10 times consecutively per side.

This helps build strength by forcing players to use their torso muscles along with their arms in order to pass correctly. Not only does this exercise work out those muscles necessary for playing volleyball but also increases endurance due to being done repetitively over time—which makes sense since volleyball games consist mostly of reps anyway!


No matter where or how often we play volleyball, there's always something new we can learn about technique as well as further our skillset for future games ahead of us - which is why taking advantage of solo drills are so important!

With these top five solo volleyball passing drills we've just gone through today, hopefully, they'll help contribute positively towards building better control over our bodies during gameplay by increasing strength & endurance; all while improving accuracy & power within our passes too! So grab yourself a ball today & start practicing right away - good luck everyone!

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