Missing the volleyball court? These activities will help you improve your volleyball skills right from the comfort of your home.

Whether you're a pro volleyball player or just getting started, it's always important to stay sharp and practice your skills. But what happens when you don't have access to a gym or court?

Don't worry! You can still work on your game, even if all you have is a living room and some household items. Here are nine easy ways to practice volleyball—no court necessary!

1. Use a Resistance Band for Core Strength Training

Core strength is essential for any athlete, especially for those who play sports like volleyball that require jumping and quick movements.

A resistance band can be used to perform exercises that target all the major muscle groups in your core area, helping you improve your balance, agility, and power while also increasing overall strength.

Plus, they’re lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go!

2. Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination With Balloon Volleyball

Playing volleyball at home is a great way to keep up your skills, but the lack of a court can make it difficult. But don't worry- there's still a fun and engaging way to improve your hand-eye coordination with Balloon Volleyball!

All you need for this activity is a balloon, so it’s great if space is limited! Simply stand facing away from a wall and try to keep the balloon off the ground by bouncing it off the wall using only your hands and arms.

This will help improve both your hand-eye coordination and your reflexes—essential skills for any volleyball player!

3. Practice Your Serving Technique With an Overhead Throw

If you’re looking to improve your volleyball skills from the comfort of your own home, mastering your serving technique is a great place to start!

It's not always easy to practice volleyball at home, but fortunately, some serving drills can be done with just a few items.

An easy setting drill you can practice is an overhead throw. An overhead throw requires lots of coordination between your arms, legs, trunk muscles, and eyes—all of which are important in serving technique.

To practice serving technique using an overhead throw, set up near a wall like you're going to execute a normal serve.

Hold out one arm at shoulder height then swing that arm up over your head as if performing an overhead serve before releasing the ball (or another object). Make sure to keep control of the ball throughout and land back in the same starting position after each throw. Repeat 8-10 times per set on each side of the body.

This easy drill will help you improve arm positioning, speed, power, and accuracy when serving and can be easily done from the comfort of your own home.

4. Practice Wall Passes

Wall passes are excellent volleyball drills for improving ball control and technique. All you need is a wall and a volleyball. You don't need any special equipment to practice passing with wall passes.

Just stand about five feet away from the wall and pass the ball back and forth. As you get better at passing back and forth against the wall, try to increase the distance between you two until it's out of reach. This drill will help you develop accuracy when passing the ball.

While playing in a real volleyball match can be quite challenging, it's possible to get your passing skills up to snuff with just a wall!

5. Practice Wall Shots

From setting to spiking, one of the best ways to hone your skills is by practicing your wall shots! Find yourself an open wall space and use it for practicing setting and spiking techniques.

Start by standing close enough to the wall so that you can reach up with your hands to hit the ball off of the wall. Wall shots involve setting or spiking the ball against a stationary object and trying to hit it in the same spot every time.

As you become more comfortable hitting off of the wall, gradually move closer until you’ve reached your desired distance from the wall that mimics gameplay on the volleyball court. This is also a great way to improve accuracy when hitting shots off of walls or ceilings during matches!

Wall shots create a practice setting at home that allows you to work on passing, hitting, and even blocking from a semi-simulated game position.

6. Lateral Movement Drills

Lateral movement drills involve running side-to-side along a designated line over short distances while keeping your gaze focused forward in order to improve agility on the court during gameplay.

To practice lateral movement drills at home, mark off two lines about 3 feet apart for guidance when running back and forth between them during drills — but be sure not to cross over either line as this will throw off balance!

This type of drill will also help sharpen reflexes so that players are able to react quickly during matches without losing any momentum while running across courtside lines in order to get out of an opponent's reach!

7. Work On Blocking Drills

Blocking is one of the most important skills for any volleyball player, so it’s important to make sure you work on this skill regularly. To practice blocking drills at home, try setting up a net or rope between two chairs or poles.

Place an object such as a pillow or book in front of the net and use it as a target for jumping to block the ball. Have someone stand on the other side of the net and toss balls over for you to practice blocking them.

8. Work on Your Footwork With Jump Rope Exercises

Jumping rope is the perfect workout routine to practice volleyball at home. Working on your footwork skills not only helps you stay in shape, but it can also help your volleyball career in the long run!

Jump rope exercises not only help develop agility but can also increase leg strength—both key components of successful footwork on the court!

For an added challenge try alternating jumps with one foot at a time or add in single-leg hops or scissor jumps into your routine for extra plyometrics training.

9. Improve Your Vertical Jump

A vertical jump is an essential skill for any volleyball player looking to hit those high serves or blocks during gameplay!

To practice, this move start standing with feet shoulder-width apart then quickly squat down before explosively jumping up as high as possible using both feet together—repeat 8–10 times per set for best results (just make sure there’s plenty of clearance above!).


Don't let lack of access to courts stop you from practicing your favorite sport! With these essential tips and drills under your belt, you now have everything you need in order to become an even better volleyball player—all without ever leaving home!

So next time when someone asks how they can get better at volleyball without playing competitively every day, tell them about these easy-to-do drills that can take their game up a notch—and don't forget that having fun while practicing is just as important!

Practicing these skills regularly will help improve your overall gameplay when playing on an actual court later on down the line–so get to work! Have fun improving your technique from anywhere anytime! Happy volleying!

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