Are you a huge volleyball enthusiast but have limited access to the playing court? Well, no need to worry because we’ve got you covered!

Volleyball is not only an entertaining sport but also a great way to stay fit and healthy. Volleyball setting is one of the most important skills any player can develop, and it’s essential for all team positions.

Fortunately, you can develop or enhance your setting skills at home through these top 5 volleyball setting drills that you can do! All you’ll need is a wall, a ball, and yourself, so prepare to sweat and improve your game.

How can I practice volleyball setting at home by myself?

With a few simple items and some determination, you can practice your setting skills from the comfort of your own home. First, grab a ball and find a wall.

Next, make sure you have enough space to move around a little bit. You don't want to accidentally knock over any precious items!

Finally, get ready to work up a sweat as you practice your form and technique. With time and patience, you'll be setting those balls like a pro in no time. Happy practicing!

Baby Wall Sets

This drill is ideal for beginners, young players, or anyone looking to improve their setting accuracy. This fun and challenging exercise focuses on improving your setting skills, as you'll need to accurately set ball against a wall while still maintaining proper technique.

To do this drill, stand facing a wall and toss the ball gently against it with both hands. As the ball bounces back, set it with your fingertips just like you would in a game. This drill allows you to focus on correcting any bad habits you may have, such as catching the ball or setting it too hard.

Regular Wall Sets

While “Baby Wall Sets” help develop hand positioning and quick reflexes, the “Regular Wall Sets” drill helps develop your accuracy, ball control, and timing.

Find a wall with an area that can mimic the net area of a volleyball court. Then, set the ball against the wall, focus on the ball’s trajectory, and try to set it to a target. This drill helps you control where the ball is going and perfect your timing and touch.

Another option is to do this exercise with a friend. Players stand about a foot away from the wall, with one player standing next to the other. The goal is for the player standing next to him to set balls to his partner through the wall, who then passes them back against the wall to his partner. This continuous motion helps players perfect their setting technique, all while having fun with a teammate.

Set to self, set to the wall (while sitting on a chair)

This volleyball setting drill is versatile and perfect for those rainy days or when you’re inside without access to a wall. Sit on a chair with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, and set the ball to yourself by forming a triangle with your hands.

Toss the ball up gently and set it to yourself and then set it against the wall. Repeat this drill, focusing on your technique and timing. This drill not only works on your arm and wrist strength but also helps you perfect your setting position.

One-Handed Wall Sets

This volleyball setting drill is perfect for when you don’t have a partner to practice with. One-handed sets often play a significant role in high-level volleyball for quick transition plays, and this drill helps enhance your one-handed setting skills.

Start by standing about two feet away from the wall and toss the ball with one hand against the wall. Then, using the same hand, set the ball back. Repeat with the other hand. Focus on a soft touch and accuracy. This drill will improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

360 Turns Wall Sets

The “360 Turns Wall Sets” drill is designed to help you work on your setting technique while also improving your mobility on the court. Stand about six feet away from the wall and turn in a complete circle while setting the ball against the wall.

Repeat in the opposite direction. Focus on a soft touch, accuracy, and keeping your arms straight. As you improve, increase the speed of your turns. This drill focuses on the setter position and helps to improve proper technique and proper footwork.


Don’t let the lack of access to the court limit your volleyball skills! With these top 5 volleyball setting drills that you can do at home, you can enhance or develop your setting skills and become a better player.

These drills are perfect for beginners and experienced players alike and will help improve your hand-eye coordination, hand positioning, accuracy, and reflexes. Remember, the key to improvement is consistency and dedication - so grab your ball, find a wall, and let’s get started!

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