Whether you’re a beginner volleyball player or an experienced pro, outdoor and beach volleyball drills are an essential part of improving your skills and mastering the game. Volleyball is a sport that requires agility, speed, strength, and coordination.

Whether you play in the playground, at the beach, or in a tournament, volleyball has something for everyone.

And with the right drills, you can work on all these skills at once while having fun in the process.  You can challenge yourself while staying true to the basics of outdoor volleyball without any technology.

The best part is these drills cost next to nothing, making them easily accessible no matter what country you're in or what price range you’re shopping in.

So if you’re looking to take your outdoor volleyball skills up a notch, here are five fun outdoor volleyball drills you should try.

1. Sand Court Drill

This drill is perfect for those who have access to a sand court and want to practice their passing and digging skills.

Start by having two players stand on opposite sides of the net, with one player throwing the ball up in the air and then passing it to their partner using either an overhand or underhand pass.

The partner then has to dig the ball out of the sand in order to return it back over the net. This drill helps develop quick reaction time as well as hand-eye coordination and communication between partners.

2. Spike Ramping Drill

With this drill, two players will stand on either side of the net with one holding a ramp (you can use any type of platform such as a box or step ladder).

The first player throws the ball up in the air and spikes it off of the ramp toward their partner who must catch it before it lands on their side of the court. This is great for working on accuracy and power when spiking from different angles.

3. Blocking Drill

For this drill, three players stand opposite each other with two blockers standing together in front of them while one attacker stands behind them ready to launch into action when they make contact with an incoming ball.

One player acts as a server and passes or sets balls over the net towards their opponents while they have to block it back across without letting it fall onto their side of the court.

Working on blocking helps build strength and agility which will give attackers more opportunities when playing against opponents who have mastered positioning and timing during matchups.

4. The Triangle Drill

This drill is great for improving accuracy and consistency when passing the ball back and forth between three players in a triangle formation.

To set up this drill, three players stand at equal distances apart forming a triangle with one player at each corner of the triangle.

Then, they start by passing the ball around the triangle at a medium speed while keeping an eye on their teammates’ positions so they can adjust if need be.

This drill helps players practice setting up plays quickly and accurately exchanging passes between multiple people quickly and efficiently while keeping an eye on each other’s positions on the court as well as where they are putting their hands when making contact with the ball.

5 . Footwork Drills

Finally, footwork drills help improve overall speed and agility when playing outdoors by focusing on quick movement around the court without having to rely solely on arm strength alone (although arm strength will still be necessary!).

To do this drill properly, set up cones around the court area wherever desired then have players start at one cone while running around them until they reach the next cone (or endpoint).

As players run around cones they should strive for maximum speed while also maintaining control throughout movements so they don’t trip or stumble along the way (this specifically applies if using cones that are placed closer together).


If you're looking for ways to take your game outdoors and master some new drills that will help improve your speed, agility, communication skills, accuracy, etc., then look no further than these five fun outdoor volleyball drills!

These drills are tailored to suit all skill levels; from advanced players to enthusiastic beginners. You can also switch up your version of the same drill so that you can stay on top of your practice. Make it fun, challenge yourself, and see how far you can go!

From sand court drills that focus on passing and digging skills all the way down to footwork drills ideal for increasing speed — there is something here for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Get outside today & get practicing! With so many outdoor volleyballs on the market, it's easy to find one that is right for you and your specific needs.

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