Volleyball is one of the most exciting and popular sports around the world. With its fast-paced action, high jumps, quick direction changes, and powerful hits, volleyball requires a well-rounded skill set. And one of the most crucial skills in volleyball is hitting.

But it takes more than just raw power to be an effective hitter. You need to have excellent technique, timing, and footwork. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 8 volleyball hitting drills that will help you dominate the court and take your game to the next level.

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1. Wall-Hitting Drill

The Wall Hitting Drill is an excellent way to work on your technique while focusing solely on your hitting. Stand a few feet away from the wall with your non-hitting hand up for balance.

Toss the ball up to yourself and hit it toward the wall, aiming for a specific spot every time. Focus on perfecting your technique with each hit, ensuring you're using the correct arm swing and footwork.

The Wall-Hitting Drill is a popular volleyball hitting drill that's commonly used by volleyball players of all levels. This drill is particularly beneficial for improving your hitting technique, power, and accuracy. By hitting the ball toward a specific spot on the wall, you'll be able to focus on your arm swing, footwork, and timing.

Volleyball players who regularly practice the Wall-Hitting Drill often experience an improvement in their overall hitting skills. As they perfect their technique, they become more confident and consistent in their hits, which translates to better performance on the court.

2. The Medic Ball Drill

This drill is about building core strength and endurance. You hold a medicine ball and do sit-ups, then stand up and hit the ball against the wall or with a partner. The key is to maintain a strong core and hit the ball with power and accuracy.

The Medic Ball Drill is an intense workout that not only strengthens your core but also enhances your volleyball hitting skills. By incorporating explosive hitting movements with a medicine ball, you'll develop a powerful and accurate swing that's crucial for successful hits during gameplay.

Additionally, this drill helps increase your endurance, which is vital for sustained high-level performance on the court. Adding the Medic Ball Drill to your regular volleyball training routine will undoubtedly take your game to the next level, giving you a competitive edge against opponents.

3. Approach Jump Drill

The Approach Jump Drill is designed to help you work on your footwork and jumping ability. Start by standing in the backcourt outside the three-meter line.

Run up to the net, making sure to use proper technique, and jump as high as you can. Hit the ball over the net and land back on the ground. Try to land back in your initial starting position, emphasizing proper footwork.

The Approach Jump Drill is an essential component of any volleyball hitting drill for both beginner and advanced players. Young players, in particular, benefit greatly from this drill, as it allows them to develop proper footwork and jump technique early on.

As young players progress and gain experience, the Approach Jump Drill helps to refine their approach and hitting motion, making them more effective and efficient on the court. Moreover, this drill builds explosiveness and jumping power, which are essential for successful hits.

4. Turn-Go-Hit Drill

The Turn-Go-Hit drill is perfect for fine-tuning your defensive movements and hitting technique. This volleyball drill will practice defensive movements and transition into hitting from defensive movements.

Turn-Go-Hit Drill involves starting in a passion position, passing the ball to the setter, transitioning into a hitting position, and then hitting the ball over the net. The drill works on the coordination between the lower body and arms, which is essential for delivering powerful hits on the court.

The Turn-Go-Hit Drill is an advanced volleyball hitting drill that's perfect for coaching volleyball players, especially outside hitters and left-side hitters. This drill focuses on building quick reflexes and coordination between the lower body and arms when transitioning from defense to offense.

Players who regularly practice the Turn-Go-Hit Drill become more skilled at adjusting their body position quickly and hitting the ball accurately, making them valuable assets to any volleyball team.

5. Location Hitting Drill

Location hitting is an excellent drill that focuses on hitting the ball to specific locations on the court. It helps players develop precision and accuracy, allowing them to place the ball strategically and outsmart their opponents. This drill can be practiced with a partner or a coach who will indicate the target area for hitting.

The Location Hitting Drill is an excellent volleyball practice that can also be adjusted to suit specific game situations. For example, coaches may add a hitting line or focus on hitting to the back corner of the court.

This drill is an excellent way to improve your hitting accuracy and precision. It is also particularly useful for developing your hitting line shots, enabling you to hit the ball along the sideline with accuracy consistently.

During volleyball practice, The Location Hitting Drill can be practiced solo or with a partner, with the latter providing feedback on your accuracy and helping you to adjust. A coach can also indicate specific target areas, such as the back corner of the court, helping you expand your hitting repertoire and make better strategic decisions during games.

Additionally, the Location Hitting Drill is an excellent way to simulate real-game situations and prepare players to excel in high-pressure moments.

6. Cross Court Hitting Drill

The Cross Court Hitting Drill is a specialized exercise that will help you develop your hitting with greater accuracy and power. Start on the left side of the court and hit towards the right, aiming for a specific spot on the court.

Then, move to the right side and hit towards the left, again aiming for a specific spot. This drill will allow you to work on hitting the ball cross-court with precision, creating more opportunities for successful hits.

The Cross Court Hitting Drill is a must-include exercise in any volleyball hitting drills playlist. This drill can greatly enhance a player's ability to hit with exceptional accuracy, regardless of where they are on the court.

Regularly practicing this drill during volleyball practice can significantly improve your volleyball skills, both in offense and defense. By mastering the cross-court hitting technique, you can create more opportunities for successful hits and put pressure on your opponents.

7. Block Hitting Drill

The Block Hitting Drill is an excellent way to simulate game-like situations and work on your hitting against a blocking opponent. A teammate will try to block your hit, and you will attempt to hit the ball past them.

This drill will help you develop your hitting against a challenging blocker, allowing you to adjust your technique and power accordingly.

The Block Hitting Drill is one of the most crucial and challenging volleyball hitting drills that every player should incorporate into their practice routine. It is designed to help you develop your hitting abilities, especially against a challenging opponent who is blocking at the net.

During the Block Hitting Drill, you will learn different techniques to outsmart your opponent, such as adjusting your power and angle to hit the ball past the block. This drill also enables you to simulate game-like situations, enhancing your defensive and offensive strategies.

With consistent practice, the Block Hitting Drill will help you become more skilled at reading your opponent's movements and deciding whether to hit, tip, or fake. These skills can significantly improve your overall gameplay, making you an asset to your team.

8. Partner Setting Drill

The Partner Setting Drill is an essential exercise that will help you work on your timing and communication with your teammates. One player will set the ball, and the other player will approach and hit the ball back to the setter.

Repeat several times, emphasizing proper technique and timing. This drill will help you develop a better understanding of your teammates' strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to work together more effectively on the court.

The Partner Setting Drill is one of the most critical volleyball hitting drills. It not only helps you develop your timing and communication skills but also prepares you for game-like situations.

Practicing this drill with different partners can help you understand their strengths and weaknesses and adjust your hitting style accordingly. This drill also helps you develop your eye-hand coordination, enabling you to make quick decisions and control the ball's trajectory. These skills are essential for all players, regardless of their position on the court.


These eight volleyball hitting drills are excellent exercises that will help you develop better technique, timing, footwork, and power. Incorporating them into your training routine will undoubtedly help you dominate the court and take your game to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Start practicing these drills today and see the improvements in your game!

With consistent practice of these volleyball hitting drills, you can become an ace hitter on a team or even stand out as an individual player by mastering techniques such as cross-court hits, line shots targeting specific areas, blocking against opponents’ defense strategies, etc. Happy Hitting!

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