If you're looking for the top volleyball blocking drills to do at home, you've come to the right place. Volleyball blocking is one of the most critical skills that every volleyball player must learn.

Even though it can be difficult to master, there are various drills that you can do at home to improve your blocking game as a beginner or professional volleyball player.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 volleyball blocking drills that you can do at home in your free time, despite your skill level. Get ready to elevate your volleyball-blocking game!

How can I practice volleyball blocking at home?

Practicing volleyball blocking at home is possible with the right drills and exercises. Volleyball blocking drills are a great way to improve your blocking skills, which is essential for a volleyball player.

Some of the best home drills to strengthen your blocking position include solo blocking against a wall, shadow blocking, and box drills. In addition, focus on building strength in the legs, core, and arm muscles, as it will help you get into position quicker and make better blocks.

With consistent practice and determination, you can elevate your volleyball blocking game in no time.

If you're looking to improve your volleyball blocking skills, then these five drills are perfect for you. From solo blocking against a wall to box drills, these exercises will help build strength in your arms and legs as well as core muscles so that you can get into position quickly and make better blocks.

So let's take a look at the top 5 volleyball blocking drills that you can do at home!

1. Wall Blocking Drill

The wall-blocking drill is an easy yet effective drill that you can do at home by using a wall. Stand facing the wall, make sure your arms are up and in front of you, then leap up and touch the wall at the highest point.

Repeat this motion until you develop a habit of jumping and blocking high up in the air. Don't forget to keep your hands strong and high above the net.

The wall-blocking drill is a great volleyball drill that specifically focuses on blocking. It is among the blocking drills that can be done in the comfort of your home, making it a great addition to your home drills.

By practicing this drill, you can work on your vertical jump, essential in blocking the opponent's attack. The drill improves your hand positioning and body coordination as it trains your hands to be in the right position when interacting with the ball.

The wall-blocking drill is also great for beginners as it helps them develop good blocking habits while enhancing their strength and power. It is an excellent practice for any volleyball player looking to improve their overall blocking game.

2. The Sit and Jump Drill

The sit and jump drill is a great way to work on your explosive power when blocking. Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you, and jump up as high as you can. This will help you develop the explosive power you need to make strong blocks at the net.

The sit and jump drill not only develops explosive power but also helps improve your footwork and defense. This drill can be done solo or with a partner throwing a ball at you to simulate an opponent's attack. As you jump, focus on getting your hands up and properly positioning your body to make effective blocks at the net.

In addition to improving your blocking effectiveness, the sit and jump drill also strengthens your leg muscles, making it easier for you to execute quick movements on the court. When combined with other blocking drills, it can significantly enhance your overall blocking game, helping you become a better defender on the court.

3. Box Drill

The box drill is an advanced volleyball drill that requires you to jump onto a box of a certain height. You can use any reasonably-sized box for this drill as long as it is stable enough and a bit challenging to leap on.

Start with a lower box height and gradually increase the height as you feel more comfortable. The purpose of the box drill is to simulate the blocking motion in-game and enhance your jumping ability.

The box drill is one of the most effective volleyball blocking drills as it helps you practice your jumping ability and get used to making quick blocks at the net. It also helps build coordination, strength, and power in your arms and legs which are key components of successful blocking.

The wall-blocking drill is an easy and effective way to work on your blocking technique. By jumping and touching a wall, you can practice your timing and positioning in a low-pressure environment.

For more advanced players, the box drill is an excellent way to improve your jumping ability and quickness at the net. By jumping onto a box, you can practice the motion of leaping and get used to making quick blocks.

4. Shadow Blocking Drill

The shadow-blocking drill involves facing a wall with a light source behind you while standing in the blocking position. Move your arms to simulate the blocking motion and watch the shadow on the wall to correct your form.

Shadow blocking drills can help you identify your mistakes and improve the right arm angle, palm position, and height.

The shadow-blocking drill is a valuable addition to your volleyball drills if you're looking to improve your volleyball-blocking abilities. It's a simple yet effective drill that can be easily integrated into your practice routine. By shadow blocking, you can focus on improving your form and technique without the pressure of an actual opponent.

This simple drill helps you identify areas where you need improvement while developing muscle memory, which is essential in volleyball blocking. Practicing shadow-blocking drills frequently can contribute to your overall blocking skills, including timing, positioning, and height.

Moreover, the shadow-blocking drill is versatile and can be combined with other volleyball drills to make a more comprehensive practice routine. It is also an excellent drill to try when you don't have a partner to practice with, making it the perfect solo practice option.

5. Partner Blocking Drill

The partner blocking drill is a fantastic way to improve your blocking game while working on your footwork, timing, and communication with others.

Stand facing your partner, and your partner will hit/spike the ball towards you to simulate a real game scenario. Focus on your hand placement above the net, footwork to jump higher, and timing to block the ball better.

This drill is not only ideal for improving blocking skills but also fosters better teamwork between players. As blockers, front-row players need to work closely with their team to prevent the opposing team from scoring. By practicing partner blocking, players can develop better communication and coordination on the court.

Partner blocking drill is considered one of the good volleyball drills for both beginner and advanced players as it allows for customized practice with each partner. The partner can hit the ball in different directions and with varying speeds and angles, which tests the blocker's ability to read the game and react accordingly.

Moreover, practicing partner blocking drills regularly can tremendously improve the timing, footwork, and blocking ability of players, which are essential skills for a good volleyball blocking game.

Working with a partner can also help players develop a better understanding of how to position themselves in relation to the hitter, which is critical for effective blocking.


If you want to improve your blocking game in volleyball, the above blocking drills are a simple, yet effective way to achieve it. Try incorporating these drills into your regular routine to enhance your jumping and blocking ability while feeling at home.

Block all the shots with ease and confidence using these top-five volleyball blocking drills. Defensive players can also use them as an opportunity to practice their defensive positioning during play and work on communication skills with other team members.

With enough practice, any player can become a great blocker! So don't be afraid of getting out there - get practicing today so that you too can join the ranks of masterful blockers! Happy practicing!

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