Volleyball warm-up drills are essential before starting any game or practice. It’s important to prepare your body and mind for the game ahead to avoid injuries and perform at your best.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of ten volleyball warm-up drills that every player should know. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these drills will help you improve your skills, prevent injuries and get ready for game time.

1. Ball Throw

This drill is designed to improve your arm swing and shoulder strength. Stand about ten feet away from your partner, face each other, and throw the ball back and forth. Start with an underhand toss, then switch to an overhand throw. As you get more comfortable, increase the distance between you and your partner.

The ball throw is a basic and effective volleyball warm-up drill, perfect for preparing your body for the game ahead. As you and your partner move further away from each other, the drill becomes progressively more challenging, requiring greater shoulder strength and arm swing.

It's important to note that warm-up drills like the ball throw can also help improve your overall accuracy and coordination on the court.

2. One-Hand Ball Control

This drill is great for improving ball control and hand-eye coordination. Stand in a ready position with one hand behind your back. Have a partner toss the ball to you, and you must catch and toss it back using only your free hand. Alternate hands with each throw.

Another version:

This drill involves bouncing the ball up and down using only one hand. Begin with your dominant hand and then switch to the other hand. Repeat this exercise for five minutes to develop better ball control.

The one-hand ball control drill is just one example of the many warm-up drills that volleyball players can use to improve their game. It's a simple yet effective way to work on your ball control skills, which are crucial for success on the court.

3. Passing Drill

This drill is designed to improve your passing technique. Start by standing against a wall, and have a partner hit the ball against the wall. Use your passing technique to return the ball to your partner without letting it hit the ground. Vary the height and power of the hits to make the drill more challenging.

The passing drill is a classic warm-up drill and a great way to improve your passing technique. As with any volleyball warm-up drills, you want to start with a lower intensity and gradually increase the difficulty. This will help prevent injuries and make sure you're properly warmed up.

As you become more comfortable with this drill, try moving further away from the wall or adding a partner to the mix. The passing drill is just one of many volleyball warm-up drills that can help you improve your game and get ready for competition.

4. Setting Drill

This drill is great for improving your setting accuracy. Stand about ten feet away from your partner and toss the ball to them. They must set the ball back to you with a specific placement, such as high or low, or to a specific spot on the court. Switch roles after a set number of reps.

The setting drill is an essential part of any volleyball warm-up routine. It not only helps to improve your setting accuracy, but it also helps to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for the game ahead.

This drill is perfect for beginners and professionals alike, as it can be adapted to suit any skill level. By practicing this drill regularly, you can improve your overall game and prevent injuries.

In fact, warm-up drills like the setting drill have been shown to be highly effective in reducing the risk of injuries in volleyball players. By warming up your muscles and joints before playing, you can prevent strains, sprains, and other types of injuries.

5. Pepper

This drill is great for improving communication and ball control. Stand in a triangle formation with two partners. One partner starts by bumping the ball to the second partner, who then sets it to the third partner. The third partner hits the ball back to the first partner with an overhand hit. Keep the ball moving in a triangle and try to get as many consecutive hits as possible.

Pepper is a fun and dynamic warm-up drill that is used by volleyball players all over the world. It's a great way to improve communication and teamwork, while also working on your ball control skills. In fact, pepper is considered to be one of the most effective volleyball warm-up drills around.

The beauty of pepper is that it can be adapted to suit players of all skill levels. Beginners can start with a basic triangle formation, while more advanced players can add more partners and more complex moves. The key is to focus on good technique, communication, and teamwork.

6. Hitting Drill

This drill is great for improving your hitting technique. Have a partner toss the ball to you, and hit it back with an overhand hit. Vary the direction and power of the hits to make the drill more challenging. Focus on your approach, timing, and follow-through.

The hitting drill is a crucial part of any volleyball warm-up drills routine as it focuses on improving the player's hitting technique, which is essential for scoring points.

With consistent practice, players can improve their approach, timing, and follow-through, resulting in more powerful and accurate hits. In addition to helping players warm up and prevent injuries, the hitting drill can also help improve their reaction time, which is critical in fast-paced volleyball games.

7. Serving Drill

This drill is great for improving your serving accuracy. Stand at the service line and serve the ball over the net. Try to hit specific spots on the court, such as corners or lines. Vary the height and power of your serve to make the drill more challenging.

The serving drill is a crucial part of any volleyball warm-up drills routine, as it helps players to improve their serving accuracy and prevent injury by properly warming up their muscles. It's important to remember to work on serving to the left side of the court as well as the right, as many players tend to neglect the left side in their training.

By consistently practicing this drill and focusing on serving to both sides of the court, players can improve their overall serve accuracy and become more versatile on the court. Additionally, incorporating serving drills like this into a regular practice routine can have a significant impact on a player's performance during games.

Volleyball coaches elevate the importance of serving drills as serving is a crucial part of a volleyball game that can make all the difference in winning or losing a match.

8. 3 vs 3

This drill is great for improving teamwork skills. Split into two teams of three and play a mini-game. Focus on communication, ball control, and making smart plays. Switch up the teams and repeat the drill.

The 3 vs 3 drill is a great way to practice real-game situations and improve teamwork skills. This drill not only helps players to warm up and prevent injuries, but also teaches them how to work together as a team, communicate effectively, and make intelligent plays on the court.

Volleyball coaches highly recommend incorporating the 3 vs 3 drills as a regular part of practice time. By consistently practicing this drill, players can develop their skills, build their confidence, and learn how to work efficiently with their teammates.

Moreover, this great drill provides an opportunity for coaches to evaluate players' strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas that require more work.

9. Block Jump

This drill is great for improving your blocking technique. Stand in front of the net and jump as high as you can to touch the top of the net. Repeat this drill several times, focusing on your timing and technique.

Apart from being an excellent volleyball warm-up exercise, the block jump is a great drill for middle hitters to improve their blocking technique. This drill not only helps a middle hitter to jump higher and touch the top of the net but also sharpens their timing and technique when blocking.

Moreover, the block jump drill is vital for developing a crucial skill for middle hitters in volleyball, as blocking at the net can prevent the opposing team from scoring points.

Volleyball coaches suggest incorporating the block jump drill into a regular practice routine to help middle hitters improve their blocking abilities. By consistently practicing this drill, players can enhance their overall performance and contribute more to the team's success.

10. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are an effective exercise to improve your explosive power. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and then jump explosively into the air, landing in a squat position. Repeat this exercise for ten repetitions.

Squat jumps are a great addition to any volleyball warm-up drills routine. By performing this exercise, players can improve their explosive power, which is crucial for executing fast and powerful movements during a volleyball match.

Moreover, squat jumps can help players to prevent injuries by strengthening their muscles and enhancing their range of motion. This drill not only improves a player's vertical jump but also their leg strength and endurance, which are all vital attributes for a successful volleyball player.


In conclusion, warming up before a volleyball match or practice is crucial for your performance and safety. These ten volleyball warm-up drills are great for improving your skills, preventing injuries, and getting ready for game time.

Practice them regularly to see noticeable improvements in your performance. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process. With enough dedication and commitment to these exercises, you will become an even better player on the court by mastering all of the essential elements of successful volleyball - technique, agility, power, and control!

So don't wait any longer - start incorporating these volleyball warm-up drills into your routine today! Remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

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