If you're just starting out in volleyball or looking to improve your skills, practicing your basics is key. Not only does mastering the foundational skills of volleyball increase your ability to play, but it also builds confidence and teamwork skills.

When it comes to drills, repetition is critical for improvement. In this article, we'll introduce you to 10 essential volleyball drills for beginners that will help you build the fundamental skills needed to become a better player.

1. Pepper Drill

One of the essential basic volleyball drills is the Pepper Drill which focuses on developing your ball control and reaction time. Players should stand with partners about 10 feet apart and pass the ball back and forth with no more than three hits per side.

As you practice this drill, you'll develop communication skills, and hand-eye coordination, and master fundamental techniques like bumping and setting. With repetition, you'll build the crucial skills needed to become a better player and thrive in the sport.

2. Pass the Ball Relay

This drill is great for practicing your passing skills and teamwork. The players are divided into two teams, and they have to pass the ball to each other while running from one end of the court to the other. The team that completes the relay first wins.

Not only does this drill sharpen passing skills, but it also fosters teamwork and communication among young athletes, preparing them for more advanced gameplay. By practicing fundamental techniques in a creative and engaging way, young players gain confidence and achieve long-term success in the sport.

Pass the Ball Relay is a great example of fun volleyball passing drills that help beginners develop essential skills. By combining passing, running, and teamwork, this drill helps young athletes improve ball control and communicate effectively with their teammates.

3. Six-Point Pass Drill

For young athletes who are new to volleyball, starting with basic volleyball drills can make a significant impact on their skills development. One of the must-try beginner volleyball drills is the Six-Point Pass Drill, which primarily focuses on improving passing and digging skills.

The drill is played with six players, attempting to pass the ball across the court and score points through many passes in a row. The drill's aim is to train the players to jump to the correct spot in the correct formation, communicate, and make precise passes as accurately as possible.

Moreover, the Six-Point Pass Drill is an excellent way for beginners to hone their basic volleyball techniques and build self-assurance. Through repetition and refinement, beginners can master the essential skills needed to succeed in the sport and unlock their potential for long-term success.

4. Shadow Blocking

Shadow Blocking is an essential blocking form drill that helps improve not just your blocking skills, but also your footwork. This drill is one of the most basic volleyball drills that beginners should try. It is an excellent way for young athletes to master the basic skills needed to succeed in the sport.

In Shadow Blocking, one player stands in front of the net and pretends to block while the other player practices their approach and hits the ball over the net. The player simulating the block follows the attacker's movements, jumps up, and tries to block the ball.

With repetition, beginners will gain confidence in their blocking abilities and improve their overall volleyball skills.

5. Serving Lines

This drill helps improve your serving accuracy and consistency. Players stand in two lines, and they take turns serving the ball over the net. The goal is to serve the ball to a specific target area on the other side of the court. The coach can adjust the target area according to the player's skill level.

Serving is a fundamental skill in volleyball, and mastering your serving technique is paramount to your success as a player. That's why beginner volleyball drills like Serving Lines are an excellent way to develop your basic skills as a server.

As you practice this drill, you'll learn how to serve the ball with precision and accuracy and adjust your aim to hit different target areas of the court. And, as you gain confidence with your serving technique, you'll be able to vary your serves to keep your opponents guessing and improve your overall gameplay.

6. Zigzag Pass

This drill helps improve your lateral movement and passing skills. The players form a zigzag line, and they pass the ball to each other while moving sideways. The coach can also add a blocker to make the drill more challenging.

The Zigzag Pass is an excellent addition to any list of volleyball drills for beginners. It reinforces the importance of proper footwork and lateral movement, which are key skills for volleyball players to develop early on in their training.

Aside from building agility and coordination, the Zigzag Pass also promotes teamwork and communication. Players must coordinate their movements and communicate effectively to ensure that the ball is passed smoothly from one end of the court to the other.

7. Block and Cover

Block and Cover is another must-try among volleyball drills for beginners. This particular drill is designed to help players improve their teamwork, communication, blocking, and defensive skills, which are all essential for success in the sport.

One player blocks the ball at the net, while the other player covers the area behind the blocker. The coach or another player hits the ball to the blocker, and the two players have to work together to defend the court and return the ball.

By emphasizing the importance of teamwork and communication, this drill can also help young players build leadership qualities and develop a strong work ethic. With consistent practice and repetition, beginner players will not only boost their confidence but also improve their overall gameplay.

8. Roll and Dive

This drill helps improve your diving and rolling skills. The players form a circle, and they take turns diving and rolling to retrieve the ball. The coach can also vary the direction and speed of the ball to make the drill more challenging.

The Roll and Dive drill is a crucial part of beginner volleyball drills, as it helps players hone their diving and rolling techniques. Diving and rolling are essential skills for volleyball players, as they help players retrieve the ball and keep it in play.

Moreover, this drill is a fun way to build players' endurance levels, as it involves a lot of movement and quick reflexes. As players take turns diving and rolling, they also develop their spatial awareness and reaction time.

9. Team Serving Drill

This drill helps improve your serving accuracy and teamwork. The players are divided into teams, and they have to serve the ball to a target area on the other side of the court. If they miss the target, they lose a point. The team with the most points at the end of the drill wins.

The Team Serving Drill is one of the most crucial beginner volleyball drills that focus on serving accuracy and teamwork. It provides a great opportunity for the volleyball team to work together and develop their serving skills, one of the most important aspects of the game.

This drill is particularly useful for beginners as it emphasizes good serving techniques and helps players develop the muscle memory needed to serve the ball with consistency and finesse. Players can practice different types of serves, such as jump serves or float serves, and work to improve their accuracy with each attempt.

10. 45-Second Hustle

The 45-Second Hustle drills help players develop the endurance and conditioning needed to consistently perform at their highest level. The drill is to be run in 45-second intervals, in which the players must perform as many reps of one skill, such as digging or spiking, and then switch to a different skill for the next 45 seconds.

The 45-Second Hustle is an exceptional drill for developing agility, speed, and ball control, making it a perfect addition to any coach's beginner volleyball drills. It challenges players to perform various skills in quick succession, which not only improves their stamina but also their overall gameplay. Moreover, this drill helps players learn how to shift their focus quickly, a vital skill in competitive volleyball.

Coaching volleyball can be a challenging task, especially with beginner players who are still mastering the fundamentals. Incorporating beginner drills like the 45-Second Hustle in your coaching routine can be an excellent way to provide your players with a solid foundation of core skills and help them achieve their full potential.


Playing volleyball is an excellent way to exercise physically, and mentally and work on teamwork skills. Remember, practice and repetition are key, so be sure to incorporate these drills into your training sessions frequently.

By working on these essential volleyball drills for beginners, you'll be able to hone your ball control and other fundamental volleyball skills needed for a successful game. While some of the exercises may seem simple at first, they will lead to significant improvements in your overall performance.

With regular practice and repetition, you can learn how to master the art of controlling the ball with precision and confidence. So why wait? Start practicing these drills today and start striding toward a great volleyball season!

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